Just putting the facts out there – the left is violent, deranged and anti-American

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  1. Ms AA,
    I thought the same thing
    for well over 10 years now…
    Getting worse,much worse.

  2. They will do their best to try to convince everyone they didn’t say what they said or do what they did. But the video doesn’t lie.

  3. This is enjoyable to watch. They are going bat shit crazy and it’s Trump inside their addled skulls buzzing around doing it. They’re laid bare for the voters to see who they’re pulling the lever for. Yesterday gave us some of the early results.

  4. of course the left is deranged they are the left !

    now show the similarity of the left and their favorite boogie men the nazi’s and their brown shirts.

    if actual history were ever taught in schools the left would automatically be recognized as nazis for their actions and rhetoric.

  5. Thank God we still have our second amendment rights and our guns.
    Can you imagine if we didn’t?
    We’d be the USSA (United Soviet States of America) already.

  6. I read on Drudge this morning that some leftist shithead is suggesting that it’s time to start bombing the establishment once again like they (Bill Ayres, Bernadine Dohrn, Black Panthers etc.) did back in the late 60’s and early 70’s. This time around throw the book at em and don’t let them go scot free like they did with Bill Ayres who should still be rotting away in a federal prison for the attempted bombing of Fort Dix and blowing to smithereens his girlfriend while making bombs. No quarter, no mercy, treat them like the domestic terrorists they are and wipe them off the face of the earth.

  7. The demons shooting out of Corey Booker’s eyes are pissed because they’ve been exposed. What else would you expect from the democraps who deny God at every turn and are the party of unlimited abortion on demand and every freak anti God, anti American cause out there. The democraps are losing big time and no one has bothered to tell them yet that their time is over. 50 + years of their crap is enough for most decent Americans who are fed up to high hell with their hatred of God, America and everything good.

  8. Matthew 8:28 – 34. Jesus cast the demons out into a herd of pigs who promptly jumped over a cliff killing themselves. The democraps are going to do the same, maybe not quite the same way with pigs but certainly jumping over the cliff like a bunch of mindless lemmings.

  9. Can’t live with them (safely or peacefully), because

    Watch as vandalism rises for insurance premiums to soar.

  10. How do Leftists steal your treasure:
    1. Your money is their money.
    2. They wish to invite the entire Third World’s population to the US
    3. Their childish acts, vandalism, littering, vagrancy and being difficult vs law enforcement, spend us into enormous debt.

  11. @Abigail Adams and Claudia:
    YES. I’ve noticed that for years as well. The eyes are very revealing- I think it’s known as “flat effect”, that empty, lifeless, sinister, dark look that’s especially noticeable in Obama’s eyes as well as others who were/are part of his cabal including Soros, Rhodes, Rice, HRC et al. The quote about the eyes being a window to the soul is apt….

  12. Hope they run the ad EVERYWHERE. They usually don’t run their ads enough or in places they should, like here in vagina which is governed by the votes of elitist carpetbaggers. Way too many in this state, especially in the western mountains, still don’t get that they need to vote.
    I’d bet you that most of those raising hell on the internets and in front of the red hen don’t even vote. Slingin’ chicken shit, yea boy, that’ll learn em.

  13. @geoff the aardvark June 27, 2018 at 8:20 am

    > This time around throw the book at em

    This time around, when I’m stuck on jury duty, I’ll remember the fidelity of the FBI.


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