Just to tick off Rapinoe

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  1. We stand for the National Anthem and stand behind our President as a show of respect and gratitude to the millions of soldiers buried in places like Normandy, Iwo Jima, Okinawa and other Fields of Battle.
    This woman is blinded by her hate an a pawn of her vanity.

  2. The Women’s soccer team supposedly played a farm team of 16 year old boys to prep for their games and got squashed
    Yeah they need equal pay. Reminds me of Mark Twain’s Innocents Abroad when they trot out some writing by Christopher Columbus. He looked at it and remarked: “Why, we have boys ten years old in America that can write better than that”

  3. Her name sounds like an Indian tribe…

    “Colonel Custer, we’re being attacked by those damn Rapinoes!”

  4. I find it hard to believe that there are no real American loving girls on that team who would love to visit the White House.
    I imagine they are being bullied by that vulgar bull dyke cunt.

  5. I drove from hillsdale nj to ft lee and other locations in bergen and passaic counties yesterday for 12 hours in 92 degree heat with no a/c to take care of my customers trees and shrubs from disease and insects. This bint wouldn’t last 3 stops without quitting. There’s a reason they call it sock-her.

  6. geoff the aardvark, I totally agree. Sick of seeing that bloated ego’s face. She is loving the attention. The more disgusted people are at her, the happier this turd becomes.

  7. Fur,
    Just send it to CNN using a fake E-Mail via TOR which may it look like it came from Russia / China. CNN in will in turn make it a major story, declaring collusion & the pic is also racist.

  8. Think about the grace of American women taking gold in the olympics, and this self-aggrandizing asshole.

    Soccer was infested in our schools by the left to diminish American aports and to create sickos like maxine rampanthole here.

  9. Why is this perpetually pissed off at the world of white men cause she was born without a dick lesbian skank garnering so much MSM press? Oh right, most beta cucks in the media agree w/her, 2 yrs from now she will be begging kapernodick to help get work at some socialist/communist equal opportunity govt funded think tank and be the model for environmentally friendly strap ons as her primary endorsement sponsor.

  10. Just saw this and fell outta my chair;


    Talk about one too many soccer balls to the head, President Rapinoe?

    Here is the soup bone quote;

    Rapinoe did tell Maddow, however, that she’s “ready” for the “next thing,” in terms of her activism.

    “I’m excited to kind of dig in and see really where I can take this,” she said. “I think that I’ve been kind of wanting that for a number of years and how do we – how do we bring it out of just sports and out of soccer and out of the things that we’ve been doing and that I’ve been doing into something way bigger?…I kind of want to stop just talking about things and, like, how do we put things in action? How do we help? What do we do? What’s the best way to get people mobilized, whether that’s in voting or just getting people more educated and more plugged in to what’s happening, you know, in our politics and in our lives? And I think I’m ready for that, like, next thing. I want to be more impactful.”

    “I think the country is ready for you,” Maddow praised.

    Run, Megan, Run, we need you.

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