Just Wait a Second!!! Caitlyn Jenner Was Never An Athlete!!

The tranny community wants it every which way but loose.

Caitlyn can’t be referred to as Bruce because Bruce is dead. Caitlyn, a woman, took his place. But Caitlyn is being hailed as some sort of athlete in a new ad campaign.

When was Caitlyn an athlete?

‘I am so proud!’ Former Olympian Caitlyn Jenner reveals she is the new face of H&M Sport as she shares a behind-the-scenes image from her ‘inspiring’ campaign

Exciting news: Caitlyn Jenner has revealed that she is set to star in a new campaign for H&M Sport, sharing a behind-the-scenes snap from her shoot (pictured) on social media

19 Comments on Just Wait a Second!!! Caitlyn Jenner Was Never An Athlete!!

  1. All I have to say is that when he takes a shower it has got to feel good to shake his marbles loose after being tucked up his ass all day.

    That crossing your legs BS has got to hurt after awhile.

  2. HE still has little Bruce attached.
    Since he clams to be another person, those medals awarded to Bruce needed to be reclaimed and we need a little George Orwell 1984 ministry of truth to make Bruce an unperson as if he never existed,

  3. Jenner is the embodiment of 21st Century America – fucked up, confused, sexually-obsessed, greedy, perverted, amoral, diseased, manipulated, and media-driven.

    Nothing real. Nothing substantial.

    An image of a phantasm projected onto a puddle of piss.

  4. What a douche. Truth is you are Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner (I really don’t care what you legally do with your name), a former olympic athlete now severely mentally disturbed man suffering from gender dysphoria and narcissism.

  5. Old Brucie is an athlete now. He bends of backwards and does double flips of his man made boobs to hopefully shyster the human population into erroneously believing that his dick is just a gimmick given to him by Mother Nature to embarrass him! Hey Bruce, it’s not nice to lie about Mother nature!

  6. You’ll know that we’re in real trouble if General Mills puts he/she/its face on boxes of Wheaties once again like when he was really an Olympic athlete. The new slogan for Wheaties should be, “The breakfast of trannies.”

  7. Gender dysphoria.
    A disorder.
    His doctors need to be flayed.
    Its like saying to the poor bastard who can’t function because of the voices in his head: “You should listen to them, and do exactly what they say”
    So can I have his gold medals when he blows his brains out?
    Age is not kind to these people.

  8. I’m sure there will be a portion of shoppers who will be lured to buy these garments just to be hip or inclusive. But I am truly curious to know how many of us women think WTF? How can I possibly identify with this man selling clothes marketed for women? How can my distinctly feminine body fit in bottoms that fit a man? The whole thing is so distasteful and sad.

  9. Arrgghh….bend over, I’ll drive said the freak to Kim Howe, a real woman, just before he killed her. Damned manopause no doubt.

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