“Just What Does the Penn Biden Center Do?” – IOTW Report

11 Comments on “Just What Does the Penn Biden Center Do?”

  1. It funnels sensitive information to China in return for large sums of money payable to the Biden Crime Family.

  2. When not hosting high dollar dinners and galas
    The quietness is useful for Library Patrions

  3. It operates very similarly as the Clinton Foundation.

  4. Just ask Brad he sweeps the floors there!

  5. I suspect it’s almost exactly the same as the Clinton Foundation.

  6. Every meeting at the Penn Biden Center.

    ht tps://youtu.be/mYvAYwpUDv8

  7. Do they operate mobile meth labs in the State of PA???

  8. What else would it do…
    It launders money and changes us secrets in exchange for political favors

  9. Everything about the Biden’s stinks to high heaven. This pathological p’resident’ of the White House is corrupt and they use their shock troops at will and with extreme prejudice.

    Case in point. News Max is no more on AT&T Directv as of today.

    I’ve complained and made noise (politely) but gave them an ultimatum. Fix it in five days or I drop you. Period.

    Also contacted my congressman. Bob Good. One of us.

    They dropped OAN in April. It’s not accidental. It’s a pattern. Conservative voices are being squelched by AT&T.

    Drop them. Bankrupt them. Dustbin of history for them.


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