Justice Department I.G. Finds Errors In All FISA 29 Applications Examined

Washington Times

The FBI’s bungling of FISA applications runs far deeper than the well-known problems with the bureau’s snooping on the Trump campaign, according to an inspector general’s audit released Tuesday that found agents either lost or never compiled backup information for some applications and made errors in others.

Every one of the 29 applications that the Justice Department inspector general audited had problems with what is known as the Woods Procedures, which is supposed to be how the FBI justifies the information in its applications for secret warrants under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. More

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  1. …but, but, but, it’s unpatriotic to talk about it because, Coronavirus, or something…IMPEACH TRUMP NOW!

  2. The DOJ and the FBI are criminal organizations.

    No American can have confidence in anything they do. Ever again.

    Every action they take is illegitimate. It should be seen as such.

    Every employee of those organizations is tainted. And rightly so.

    They should be shunned from polite, law abiding society.

  3. At last!

    We finally have something that will drive Kung Flu reporting out of the media headlines.

  4. …even discovering this serves their purpose. They sucessfully undermined faith in yet another American institution.

    …as they intended…

  5. The judge will rule that since such errors are frequent, they are essentially the normal course of business and as such cannot be used to reopen any cases already adjudicated.

  6. Yesterday I read IG Horowitz’s interim report (at 17 pages not that long as such things go). The WaTimes article leaves some important stuff out. IG staff visited dozens of FBI field offices and found crap in ALL of them. So much for the canard that the FBI “rank and file” are competent and conscientious; the corruption is top to bottom.

    IG staff interviewed the primary agents and attorneys, and they found widespread ignorance of the reporting requirements for FISA applications.

    Although there is a nominal audit and check process with results reported to FBI HQ, and reports generated from the information, no action was ever taken to analyze error trends nor to correct errors found. In other words, a lot of expensive bureaucrats spent a lot of time writing lots of report to no purpose.

    If you have 15-20 minutes, go and read the actual report. Even though it is written largely in bureaucratese happy talk, it is scathing.

    Also recommended is sundance’s article at CTH.

  7. The founding fathers knew those given power would abuse it. That’s why they created a system of limited government, with three branches of government, that would hopefully counter each branches greed for more power. It cannot and has not worked perfectly.

    Government bureaucracies attract the smarter class of criminals than other forms of organized crime. When individuals within each branch become corrupt and cooperate with each other abuses spiral out of control. An activists press combined with apathetic or ignorant voters, the fourth and 5th branches of government, are their useful idiots.

  8. And nobody will go to jail. Fuck everyone who touched
    those FISA’s in any way especially the “jugheads” on
    the bench.

  9. The funniest part of it is, one of the requirements of being an FBI agent was a 4-yr. degree in Accounting or Law.
    I guess a degree in Sociology will do these days.


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