Justice Dept. does not appeal court’s transgender soldiers ruling and military will begin accepting recruits



Beginning January 1, transgender people will be permitted to enlist in the United States military, and the Trump administration is allowing it to happen … for now.

After two federal appeals courts in Washington and Virginia rejected the administration’s attempt to halt orders by lower court judges requiring the acceptance of transgender troops in the military, the Justice Department has reportedly announced that it won’t be challenging those rulings. Instead, it intends to wait for further data. more

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  1. “….it intends to wait for further data…”

    DATA?… DATA???? How about some unit cohesion deterioration data, then some AIT in basket weaving and doll grooming data, topped off with declining straight male/female recruitment data. Is that the DATA the perfumed princes are waiting for?

  2. “Transgender” people?

    No such thing.

    Are they gonna ride into battle on Unicorns?

    Total fuckin bullshit.

    izlamo delenda est …

  3. The data is that trans people need constant medical attention, monitoring and drug treatment. They should be medically disqualified the same way they disqualify other medical conditions that are less costly and manageable. Case closed.

  4. This is one turd in the American punch bowl that may be the most destructive. 0bama set out to ruin the military and he may have succeeded; accepting gays, women in combat and xgendered.
    What will be the argument when the fat or blind or old want and demand to serve?
    The Russian and Chinese military leaders are ROTFL.

  5. Back in my day, generally their were 8 to 10 military personnel in support roles to each combatant.

    In today’s military and the technology, I suspect the numbers of support personnel are much greater.

    Although I may personally disagree, if these “few” recruits receive military occupations that match their experience and skill level, there are 100s of military occupations they can contribute to the greater good of the military.

    I doubt many will be at the recruiters office and even fewer will complete the arduous training. But there are those who can contribute.

  6. F4UCorsair

    Hey, us fat old guys can still play a role.

    We are generally pissed off because we can’t do what we used to do. We won’t be sniffing around young females. We know how to pull a trigger, are immobile and won’t run from a fight.

    Put us in a fairly well constructed bunker with plenty of ammo and watch the old timers kick ass or die trying.

  7. Potentially, this can work in our favor. You can’t enlist with a pre-existing medical condition or one that requires follow-on treatment. No pins in legs, chronic heat ailments, pregnancy, whatever. As soon as the recruiter gets the screening, he can just say, “Oh, I’m sorry, you’ll need to be completely male or female before we finalize this. Plus, you can’t be on any upkeep drugs for X months. We’ll talk then.” And never call back.

  8. Cato
    “Although I may personally disagree, if these “few” recruits receive military occupations that match their experience and skill level, there are 100s of military occupations they can contribute to the greater good of the military.”

    I disagree. Either we have standards or not. Even if only a handful enlist, the precedent is set and opens the door to legal challenges from other groups that are currently barred
    from serving.

  9. There (putatively) a constitutional separation of powers. (That is not even in the same universe as “checks and balances”.) The President of The United States is the (sole) Commander in Chief of The United States Armed Forces. The judicial branch, at any level, interfering with the command and control of the armed forces, creates a constitutional crisis. The only question is who is (conspiring) to commit treason.

  10. So, every one of these crazies has to have a waivers for their health and psych issues, but they’re GTG to enlist eh? Lovely, put them all in infantry.

  11. @organgrinder

    Paying for their surgeries and shoving leftist crap down everybody’s throat. Real agenda: destroy the military and you’ve destroyed America.

    Any transgender entering the military must sign a co tact that they will leave as they entered-no govt paid surgeries! ‘Previous conditions are not covered!’

  12. Oh wait!!! If the transgender is allowed what is basically cosmetic surgery, that opens a whole precedent to allow butt lifts, tummy tucks, lap band surgeries, face lifts, lip plumping, or whatever other cosmetic surgery the military refuses to cover! Sign me up.

  13. What a bitter disappointment Sessions has been. He needs to be shown the door as he is clearly in over his head, the military is no place for social engineering. These freaks should never even be allowed anywhere near a recruiting office. Much less a front line troop.

  14. Jeff “Brain Dead” Sessions bungles another job, He is the BIGGEST LOSER in the Trump Admin.
    The dimest bulb, lowest producer

  15. Putting mentally ill perverts into the Armed Forces isn’t really a Judicial question. The Legislature should step in and define fitness. The CiC is head of the Armed Forces allotted by the Legislature – he (the President) hasn’t the authority to raise and equip his own (regardless of the Obola experience – which he tried to raise from the IRS, DHS, NSA, CIA, FBI, Post Office, ACORN, PUSH, and some others).

    No one (according to my copy of the Constitution) has a RIGHT to membership in the Armed Forces. Everyone should be armed and ready to defend their homes and communities, but I cannot discern any RIGHT outlined in our Constitution, Bill of Rights, or Bible. These RIGHTS only exist in the sick imaginations of treasonous Federal Judges who wish to assist in the destruction of America.

    izlamo delenda est …

  16. Some folks still don’t get it: It is not about serving the military, it is about establishing policy on getting into the military.

    Gay politics is the most successful “slipper slope” case study in existence.

    Stonewall led to accepting the gay lifestyle, accepting the gay lifestyle led to openly gay politicians, openly gay politicians led to forcing gay agenda on populace: Gays in the military, gays in scouting, forcing gay history in textbooks, gay relationships in movies and entertainment, gay marriage.

    Now that gay is mainstream, an offshoot of the gay lifestyle is “transgenderism”. Trans men in women’s bathrooms, trans men in women’s sports, trans men in medical field replacing female nurses during female patient examinations.

    Cato: You’re a frog in water as it continues to heat up. Don’t be nudged into the gay agenda.

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