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  1. if the dems take the Senate, be prepared for a lot of lower court rulings being uphead by 4-4 decisions in the coming years

    no way the dems are going to allow any vote on PDT’s nominees (unless they’re sure the nominee will be voted down)

  2. This is literally going to send the kooks the rest of the way around the bend. They are going to lose their Goddamned minds.

    Next up: If that dried out old bag bites the dust it will be the end of the world as they know it.

  3. Dianna,

    No Cruz, he signaled his true colors when he showed up at the border with Glen Beck and a bunch of Teddy bears and soccer balls.

  4. Let the Borking begin! Who says that Donald Trump wasn’t born for such a time as this to be President. Elections matter and the democraps are on the wrong side of history once again and will be for a long time if this keeps up. It’s time for the gutless RINO weenies to drop the nuclear option on the next Supreme court nominee. We’ll take 6-3 decisions by the SC any day of the week over narrow 5-4 decisions.

  5. @JDHasty: In the southern vernacular……HAAAAAIIIILLLL NO!

    @Just Axin: My thoughts, too.

    The fight in the Senate for the next confirmation will continue to expose the Demonrats and their RINO counterparts.

  6. Unfortunately, with a July 31 effective date of retirement, I think he purposefully put SCOTUS in a position that cannot continue to help Trump’s (America’s) agenda. The resulting 4-4 deadlock will not override all of the spitty rulings by all the liberal spitty federal appeals court judges.

    It is going to be a bumpy ride. We MUST gain seats in November!!!!!

  7. Kennedy’s replacement won’t be the type of warfare that you’ll see when Ginsburg retires–upchuck Schumer will save the heavy artillery and a Clarence Thomas style confirmation skirmish for her’s or Breyer’s exit.
    The “wise Latina” and Kagan are too young to go room temp during the Court’s term.

  8. An opportunity for Trump to appoint a constitutionalist and Paul Ryan’s amnesty bill failing happening in one day!
    Yuge, bigly winning!

  9. Kennedy was a swing vote. I think it all comes down to who AZ gets to replace Flake. If it’s a republican, then things will be fairly stable unless Romney decides to be a dick in his new job. But they definitely need to get someone competent in Kennedy’s slot. No Kagan clones. That will be a disaster.

  10. Don’t be overly concerned about the dems obstructing Trump’s selection for Kennedy’s replacement. Most of them will be under indictment by then. Hahaha

  11. Who is this Kennedy, and why should I care?

    I kid, I kid. Just doing my best knucklehead impression. Don’t hurt me, BFH lol

  12. It needs to be settled before the November election.
    – Otherwise there is some risk of losing the Senate majority.

  13. Has anyone compiled a lib meltdown video yet?

    Even though it has only been ~ an hour, I feel certain there is enough for a fifteen minute highlight video.

    This is going to have to be consumed in installments, it is going to be like the election night leftist meltdown fest on steroids.

  14. What’s that moist popping sound I keep hearing??

    McCornhole damned well better allow the nuclear option!!

  15. Buzzie screwed up BIGTIME by waiting to retire so she could be replaced by Killary who was 100% sure to get in. She wont retire at this point and they will be doing a weekend at bernies with her if they have to.

  16. Schumer just laid down the gauntlet. No Supreme Court vote until after the midterms and new Senate seated.

    Screw that Chuck. You lost. You’re going to lose the midterms.

    One other point he made is the Supreme Court should not stand between a woman and her doctor. He meant Roe v. Wade, but didn’t Schumer put government between everyone and their doctor?

    I know. Hypocrisy arguments never work on democrats, but the gall of that man.

  17. This will be expedited thru Grassley’s committee, and voted on by full Senate before Nov. The caveat being McCain, who will make his last deal with the devil in order to block Trump on another major accomplishment. Of course Flake has promised to block nominees if he doesn’t get his Cooban biz deals approved.

    And NO to Cruz, Lee, Gowdy, or anyone who’s served in congress. They’re already compromised.

  18. Frank,

    Ginsbag will retire soon, she doesn’t want to be on the losing team on every case from here on out.

  19. I think being a Supreme Court justice is right now the safest one can be from leftist assault. Glad that Mitch stood his ground and denied the Left the fruits of their assassination. Whatever else, well done on this one, Mitch.

  20. He should be replaced before the elections. We don’t wanna here the Libs chanting about ‘stealing’ the SCOTUS judgeship anymore. Like they wanted the last time.

  21. Remaining Supreme Court justices by age and appointing president:

    ▪️ Ginsburg: 85 (Clinton)
    ▪️ Breyer: 79 (Clinton)
    ▪️ Thomas: 70 (H.W. Bush)
    ▪️ Alito Jr.: 68 (W. Bush)
    ▪️ Sotomayor: 64 (Obama)
    ▪️ Roberts: 63 (W. Bush)
    ▪️ Kagan: 58 (Obama)
    ▪️ Gorsuch: 50 (Trump)

  22. I’m already hearing rinos and never-trumpers proclaiming that President Trump should reach across the aisle and nominate someone the left likes so they get confirmed quickly. WTF good does getting an enemy into power do? I hate them worse than leftards because at least THOSE individuals don’t try to hide that they’re traitors.

  23. Phuzzy,

    To hell with what the duplicitous bastards think… and the horse they rode in on. Bunch of closet Democrats is all they are anyway.

  24. I have tears in my eyes! Praise The Lord! May the Lord direct the President in a wise choice!
    Let’s keep praying. Things beyond our imagination are happening. We’re part of it!

  25. The DUmmies are making my day:

    84. I figured this would happen

    He’s not going to wait for a Democratic administration.

    It’s the end of the liberal Era that started in the 60s.
    The US will be a Trumpian conservative country for the rest of our lives.

    History might actually proclaim Trump as one of our greatest presidents because the victors write the history.

    goodbye human rights, hello global warming.


    Well i’m not watching ANY “news” shows……might turn on Rachel……..

  26. I must be suffering from beaten dog syndrome because it’s hard to believe our good fortune. What’s the catch?

    I’m looking forward to a rancorous and contentious fight over the next nominee. Make EVERY candidate running for office express their position on him/her. On the record. Reveal yourselves.

  27. For a change we have a real leader as PRESIDENT in whom I trust and I anticipate that what he will do will be right and he will succeed doing it.

    Contrast that with 3 liar ex-POTUSes: a racist traitorous fraud, a RINO chimp and a sex-driven man-child.

  28. I’m beginning to think the only thing Trump was wrong about is the getting sick of winning. We have lost so much for so long I know I won’t be sick of it come 2024.

    Or it could be he knew it was going to be so much fun saying “I’m not sick of winning” that he threw it out there- I’m beginning to think that man could be not only moves ahead in the chess game but rather games ahead. As in the Democrats think they are playing the 2nd game out of 7 and Trump has already figured out all those moves to mate and he is working on game 6.

    Either way- WINNING.

  29. Ginsberg is a greasy fried chicken dinner away from having to be replaced as well.

  30. It’s worth scrolling through the comments at the link to the DU provided by JDHasty. Remind yourself what the opposition believes and thinks. While we enjoy not growing tired of winning, do not take any victory for granted. They never cease being on offense, it’s part of their creed (although a couple people there expressed being suicidal).

  31. just read that a rare M3.4 earthquake has struck in New York state today. Must have been from all the liberals having a fit.

  32. My mouth about hit the desk when I opened Drudge and read the headline, and immediately knew the libs heads would be exploding, this is truly a great day {and those dastardly asses in elephants clothing better not ruin it}.

  33. Jon JUNE 27, 2018 AT 2:39 PM
    Praise God from whom all blessings flow

    Yep, Yep, Yep! And I’m a MILITANT AGNOSTIC!

    OOOPS! I’m past seventy and I think I just had a tingling in my pants

    I now have renewed ambitions to live until 2024. Watching this one and all the other insane doings over the next six years will be worth the price to hang around. This is much better than rewarding myself with a cigar on the weekends. Maybe I could give some of my blood pressure meds to some of the Dems. Nah, just kidding.

    On a serious note this one could define Trump’s abilities on getting things done. If he pulls this one off with someone from his list of “twenty five” I’ll be convinced he can do anything. It could be the “Turtle” will have to use the nuclear option.

    The IOTW Report Crew has something to be “cautiously optomictic” about and should be laying in the supplies for the celebration to follow. Might make Joe Dan’s look tame…

    Better stop here I’m going to exceed my word limitation…

  34. LOL! Hahaha. Thank you Lord! I’ve had a smile on my face all day long. The Trump train is full steam ahead!
    The left don’t have a snowball’s chance on Hell stopping the conservative takeover of the U.S. Supreme Court. Love, love Winning!


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