Justin Bieber, Church, and Holy Matrimony

No, seriously…

The Federalist:

Justin and Hailey Bieber, The Couple Surprisingly Full Of Christian Marriage Wisdom.

Stop the presses and mark your calendars, because this doesn’t happen too often. Justin Bieber—yes, that Justin Bieber—and Hailey (of the Baldwin family) are right. Not only are they right, but they’re right on a rather unexpected set of subjects: abstinence, faith, and marriage.

If you’re reeling right now, don’t worry, because you’re not alone. Looking to the Bieb for marriage advice might seem bizarre, backwards, misguided. It wasn’t that long ago that headlines around him were centered not around a quiet marital life but trashed hotel rooms, excess of the most vile sorts, and even nude photographs. What possibly could there be to learn from a child star turned pop icon, known as much for shenanigans as any actual talent?


Justin Bieber is not yet 25, and his new bride Hailey is a mere 22. In a day and age when the average marriage age is the highest it’s ever been—29.5 years old for men and 27.4 years old for women, their decision to get hitched in their early 20s is countercultural. It’s also refreshing, and exactly what their fans and this generation need to see. A new long interview with both of them sheds a lot of light on their views on the past, their marriage, and their hopes for the future. more

23 Comments on Justin Bieber, Church, and Holy Matrimony

  1. What a puff piece.

    Fat chance Joe.

    “Justin and Hailey reconnected at yet another church function—a conference hosted by the celebrity pastor who married Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.”

  2. Not trying to be a downer but, the lives of the so-called ‘stars’ and ‘starlets’ of Follywood have descended so low that I barely recognize them and my concern about their well-being just does not exist.

  3. “I figured MJA was a Bieb groupy. LOL”
    Oh gaaah. NO! (uh, not that there’s anything wrong with that.)
    I was really hoping he’d hook up with Britney (Because, she’s Britney, bitch!) and they would cancel each other out, musically.

  4. I talked with him for a few minutes around 3 years ago. He seemed like a nice guy. I didn’t know who he was till after.

  5. What the hell? There’s a football game on CBS. Just found it channel surfing. No kickoffs. Whats going on?

  6. Aaron Burr

    How’d Ya feel if I kicked a Maple Leaf up Your ass?

    (Not being aggressive…Just Me and the beard…I mean Wife..Have

    hit a plateau in the old Bedroom)

  7. I think you should praise good behavior and condemn the bad. In the promiscuous environment of pop culture and Hollywood, for anyone to profess a love for God and a genuine desire seek out and do God’s will, they got my support.

    One of the reasons I like Chris Pratt as an actor, he understands the responsibilities and duties he has as a Christian in the spotlight.

    There are a lot of haters out there who would just love to see anyone labeled as a Christian fall right on their face. I wish them both well.

  8. You see? Canada is where Evil is kept in a near frozen stasis until it is thawed for export.

    Like Pamela Anderson, Jim Carrey… and 2 out of the 3 rice crispies elfs.

  9. I’m as skeptical as it gets to Hollyweird like any true conservative, but in this case, I find “The Bieb” truly genuine about his faith in Christ.
    God has not abandoned Hollywood. His sacrifice on the cross for our sins, was on behalf of His Love for us – no one is excluded.
    The entertainment business is cruel, sadistic, Hyper competitive, seeped in deviancy, yet there are good people among the fallen who just want to live out their artistic gifts as entertainers. They better know God or they would be corrupted.

    I pray Bieber, Kanye and other Christians in Hollyweird continue to profess Christ as their Lord snd Savior, because even Hollywood needs God.
    BTW, Take note of Matthew 19:26. God is more awesome and surprising then we can ever imagine.

  10. Martin Luther didn’t believe in long engagements, glad they didn’t either.
    Cute couple, Larry will probably imitate Justin’s eyebrows though.

  11. Wait, geez I justed visited back> I can guarantee you MJA is not a groupie for Bieber. She prefers the old Mutha Fxckers on the block. I sing base. Poorly,

  12. Thanks, PJ. Knowing God is our only hope, as I’m sure you know. Despite all the pain, fear, evil and other cares, if you trust God, it’s a wonderful life.


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