Justin Trudeau: 2001, A Brownface Odyssey

In a presser, Trudeau mentions that he also dressed up as Harry Belafonte, in black face, singing ‘Day-O'( The Banana Boat Song ).

For some reason, SJW Lefties are very quiet about this.

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  1. He’s a Liberal (both large and small L) so he has special dispensation to demonstrate that he is, in fact, a racist pig.

    Now if Trump ever saw Gone With The Wind it would be an entirely different story.

  2. I get the obnoxious vaudeville “blackface” costume, portraying blacks as clowns with big white lips and stupid behavior.

    But otherwise, I don’t get what the problem is with dressing up, like a disguise, for a costume party or play. Seems to me that once again, leftists are focusing on race, skin color, without actually understanding what does or does not make any particular behavior offensive.

    If we’re going to buy into this sort of nonsense, let’s start with the trannies who are insulting women with their stereotypical insulting froufrou. The former Bruce Jenner was applauded for applying lipstick and tucking his dick into a… corset!!!

  3. He just blamed years of white privilege and thereby shared the guilt with every other white person who had nothing to do with his behavior.

    He pisses me off more and more every day.

  4. The ‘Careless Lisper’ strikes again. And thank you Time Magazine for the definition of brownface:. A liberal in blackface 😁

  5. The thing that puzzles me is that Trudeau, Northam and VA AG Herring all did the blackface thing well after it was understood, by thinking adults, that the blackface thing went out of style with Amos and Andy, which was before my birth in 1954, i think.

    These people are profoundly stupid. And i’ve been to many costume parties in my youthful adult life. But NEVER have I witnessed blackface by anybody.

    But liberals seem to have complete photo albums of this sort of behavior.

    They’re racist to the core. Just like their cross burning ancestors.

  6. Prediction from Iowa Hawk:

    The whole affair will be couched by the press as a “teachable moment” resulting in every [white] Canadian being subject to mandatory sensitivity training… except for Truedope, of course.


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