Justin Trudeau wants freedoms for Ukrainians that he won’t allow Canadians to enjoy – IOTW Report

Justin Trudeau wants freedoms for Ukrainians that he won’t allow Canadians to enjoy


Freedom for Ukraine apparently matters more than freedoms at home.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau made a surprise visit to Kiev this week. Given that the threat level in the city has been reduced to the point where U2’s Bono can now play an impromptu concert, the real surprise is that Trudeau was photographed without his face mask, which has been nearly omnipresent when he’s on Canadian soil.

Trudeau’s mask-wearing serves mainly as propaganda in an ongoing attempt to justify his vaccine mandates to Canadians. Required for citizens to board an airplane or train within their own country, the mandates effectively keep many stuck at home and unable to travel, but also can prevent them from working, as being fully jabbed is a condition of employment in some cases.

While almost 82% of Canadians are double-jabbed, only 35% of Ukrainians had received two doses of an anti-Covid vaccine around the time the conflict broke out on February 24, according to Time Magazine. And yet Trudeau was traipsing around Kiev mask-free in a recent conflict zone while he insisted on hiding from Canadian truckers and their Freedom Convoy supporters when they convened on Ottawa’s Parliament Hill earlier this year.

Instead of engaging in dialogue to find some sort of compromise with the protesters seeking an end to Covid-related mandates, Trudeau invoked the Emergencies Act, which hadn’t been used in Canada since Quebec separatism sparked terrorist attacks in 1970. The measure caused personal bank accounts to be blocked based on association with – and donation to – the cause.

“Information is now being shared by law enforcement with Canada’s financial institutions,” said Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland. “Financial service providers have already taken action based on that information.” All because these individuals were exercising their democratic right to protest government-sanctioned inequality that stripped basic rights of freedom, work, and movement from Canadians who chose to exercise their bodily autonomy. MORE

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  1. Did he bring his girlfriend, Minister of Foreign Affairs Melanie Joly, to Bang this time as well since he secretly split up with his wife?
    They generally hang out WAY too much, and she has been promoted FAR too many times for a Dimwit for it to be a co incidence.

    Hmmm, Spicy Poutine Poontang…

  2. All kidding aside.

    HE and his party are trying to amend New Firearm Legislation to ban VERY COMMON semi auto shotguns, 22’s, & rifles. NOT AR-15’s but very run of the mill semi’s along with his “Temporary” Handgun Sales Ban.

    He’s out of town ducking the heat.

  3. like the drooling pedophile we have for pResident?

    … that will spend 100’s of billions of taxpayers $$$ to protect Ukraine’s money-laundering operation borders, but not one cent to protect his country’s border

  4. Canada is just a little farther down the road to total serfdom than we are. So pay attention. This is what’s coming.

  5. The rules this little bastard is forcing down don’t apply to Canadians who like the Ukrainians are laundering money for the global elite. I guarandamntee it.

  6. Most, if not all, dictators are hypocrites.

    Maybe someday the Canuks will get fed up with his hypocrisy … eh … no.

    Dictator for life – part of the Dynasty.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  7. Trudeau is a despot, tyrant, and terrorist and like all these types functions in the shadow of hypocrisy and deceit. Not surprising that the FTX (et al) embezzling Joe Biden roots n toots for this kind who seek each other out like radar.

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