Justin Truedope Believes Immigrants Are More Canadian Than Native Born Canadians

How can it be that no “comedian” has held up the “severed head” of Justin Trudeau?


Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said he is “jealous” of immigrants to Canada and their families, who, he said, have more of a stake in the country than others.

“Anytime I meet people who got to make the deliberate choice, whose parents chose Canada, I’m jealous,” he said in an interview that aired Friday morning on CTV.

“Because I think being able to choose it, rather than being Canadian by default, is an amazing statement of attachment to Canada.”

“I always sort of laugh when you see people who are – not many of them, but – intolerant or who think, ‘Go back to your own country,’” Trudeau said in the television interview.

“No!” Trudeau continued. “You chose this country. This is your country more than it is for others because we take it for granted.”


The left needs to be eradicated.

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23 Comments on Justin Truedope Believes Immigrants Are More Canadian Than Native Born Canadians

  1. Years ago I knew immigrants who left Canada to go back to the Old Country, a Communist country. If only they could have waited a few years!

  2. The man is an idiot. If the new leader of the Conservative Party doesn’t mop the floor with this cretin then maybe Canada does deserve to be tossed on the ash heap of socialist history. I have a sneeking suspicion that this 150 Birthday we’re celebrating right now (who the hell celebrates a Sesquicentennial???) is only an fraud job for Trudeau to shine out like his father (Pierre who started this whole mess may he be burning in hell) did at our Centennial. God know’s how much this costs.

  3. He might be on to something.
    Canadians voted this guy into office didn’t they?
    Kinda proves his point that they don’t care about their country.

  4. Real (Anglo-Saxon) Canadians are only 3-4 generations away from hardy pioneers who civilized a forest continent despite a brutal unforgiving climate. Log cabins, bitter winters, venison jerky.

    From that to Suburban Eloi, so quickly.
    Ditto Europeans. Even Australians.
    This needs researching.

  5. Considering most of Cuba and the entire Soviet Politburo had sex with his mother, it’s no wonder he’s the mayonnaise version of Hussein Obola.

  6. There is no level of bending over (forwards) leftist beta males will perform, to prove their submissiveness.

    No groveling too great. No self-hatred too small.

  7. This phucking scumbag is equating Europeans who came to this country and Canada to be Americans and Canadians; to become citizens, to be loyal to the country, to defend the country; to be an asset to the country, to love the country, to these scum who come here to be a burden the country, and suck the life’s blood out of the country; to go on the dole and demand, demand, demand. Trudeau is a fucking jerk. O Canada. Please rise up and rid yourselves of this wretch.

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