Kaepernick Pulls Plug On NFL Workout, Holds His Own At Atlanta High School

NBC News

Former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s much-anticipated NFL workout was all but scuttled Saturday when he made a last-minute venue change, and the league responded that he was a no-show.

The 32-year-old free agent said in a statement that the venue was changed to allow the media to attend after the NFL had planned a private workout at the Atlanta Falcons training center in Flowery Branch.

Kaepernick finished his workout, then met with fans who lined the field after the 40-minute session. Sources for the athlete said representatives from at least seven NFL teams attended the showcase.

The NFL said 25 clubs were present and all 32 teams would have received video footage of the event.

“We are disappointed that Colin did not appear for his workout,” the league said in a statement. “Today’s session was designed to give Colin what he has consistently said he wants, an opportunity to show his football readiness and desire to return to the NFL.”” The league said it bent over backward for the free agent by allowing him to bring his own video crew and use his own receivers and approving an advertising shoot by sponsor Nike during the workout. More

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  1. “Kaepernick finished his workout, then met with fans who lined the field after the 40-minute session.”

    How many fans were there?

  2. Dear NFL,

    F you, in case you didn’t know it I’m a selfish self obsessed prick. Why would you not want me to play with the other selfish, self absorbed pricks?

  3. It’s never been about him wanting to play football…He just ain’t good enough to play in the NFL, and so he whines….

  4. …being an excellent quarterback requires skills, hard work, and an ability to compete and compare favorably with your peers. Being a race-hustling, divisive, ungrateful asshole does not.

    He doesn’t belong in the NFL, he belongs in the DNC.

  5. He was wearing a Kunta Kinte tee shirt. I might have misspelled the name, my ebonics is not so good, anyway the slave from the teevee show “Roots”.

  6. So he goes from an NFL level workout field to a high school with little notice, says 7 NFL teams were present while the NFL says 25 teams were there (somebody can’t count and you’d think this was an important point), had Nike filming some ads (in a forlorn attempt at recouping some of his obscene contract) and used his own receivers. I bet this is just another setup for him to throw the race card.

    For pete’s sake, he’s 32 years old, hasn’t played in a couple of years and wasn’t that great at the end of his career anyway and was poison in the locker room. What an absolute loser. Nike has to be losing on this guy. Parents, do not buy your kids any Nike gear because not only will it support this dick but some was probably used to silence Epstein. I’m thinking a jock.

  7. It was never about him just playing in the NFL. He wanted to be The Guy, even after having a couple of mediocre to bad years. He turned down multiple contracts so he could be a media whore and claim that the NFL and all teams were colluding against him.
    This time he moved his tryout to a different location only 30 minutes before it was supposed to start and allegedly didn’t even bother to call the NFL or the Falcons, but just posted it on his twitter feed.
    I wish I could get paid millions for pulling stunts like that. I will even stage my own protest and stand for the National Anthem

  8. Its not like there’s no one else to find that can do as well or better without the industrial strength PC luggage/trunks. You might do well to give a bee hive some safe distance.

  9. I love the attached “news” story from CBS that was attached. According to Reid (kapaernick’s buddy) the NFL was just doing things for publicity. Umm, pot, meet kettle. Oh wait, is that racially insensitive?

  10. Two questions:

    Which Atlanta HS was it?

    Was a Democrat Presidential candidate holding a simultaneous rally in the gym?

  11. The NFL would receive more favorable publicity if they just told the guy to engage in self intercourse. Is he too stupid to realize that? The league would not have arranged such an event for anybody else and he is complaining?

    With his no-show, you can rest assured that they will never do it again.

  12. @scr_north
    NOVEMBER 17, 2019 AT 11:32 AM
    “So he goes from an NFL level workout field to a high school with little notice, says 7 NFL teams were present while the NFL says 25 teams were there (somebody can’t count…”

    The article was poorly written; 7 team reps were at the high school, 25 were at the original venue where the idiot didn’t show.

  13. …I bet the Bengals were at BOTH, they’re pretty desperate for a distraction from their terrible football and a kneeling Kapernick will make sure NO ONE ever sees them play again…

  14. Perpetual victim, however his agent or somebody is pretty smart; no talent, about to be cut from the NFL, so perform an anti-American stunt disrespect the flag, and you are insured a lucrative contract with an equally anti-American shoe company. Smart play. Self-Torpedoed his chance to get back into the game (which he really didn’t want to do anyway because it’s hard work), so now his victimhood has another few years to play out.

  15. What Kap the African Rat ought to do is move to Africa and let some local tribesmen catch him and sell him to the NFL via Muslims!

  16. The poor old NFL savants really do want to appease him but are also afraid of losing 50% of their viewing (paying) public! Oh what oh what is a greedy owner to do!

  17. I often force employers to meet me at a place of my choosing. Have them fly across the country and then change the venue to some place 60 miles away an hour before the meeting.

    That is some Lucy and Charlie Brown shit there.

    Add the Kunta Kinte shirt and the whole spectacle was meant to be a prank and an insult.

    But all those teams chose to be insulted. Think he was ever going to play for the Chiefs or Redskins? Trannybanger is poison for any team but there are plenty of woke fuckheads too terrified to admit that there is absolutely no one who would be given this unprecedented chance.

    Then, he puts out some statement allegedly quoting some anonymous, high level “NFL exec” saying that he looks better than anyone coming out of college.

    Yep, lot of unemployed 32 year old QBs playing Uncle Rico in the backyard.

    The sickening part is the revisionist history that he was protesting police brutality. He was protesting America in general and was interviewed as saying just that.

  18. On the real motive that all the media means to scupper into this “he’s just protesting police brutality” BS:


    “Of course, the alarming incidence of police brutality that led to Kaepernick kneeling predated Trump’s election in 2016, but Reid — and Jenkins, for that matter — see the problem in a much larger scope.

    “When they play the anthem, I think of 400 years of systemic oppression,” Reid said. “I think of Emmitt Till. I think of Sandra Bland. I think of Alton Sterling. I think of Philando Castile. And I’m enraged. Because this system perpetuates systemic oppression, and America’s lying to us about the home of the free and the land of the brave.”

    On this, he and Jenkins agree.

    “I think at the end of the day when I look up at what’s going on right now in our country and in our league, I’m very, very proud of guys like Eric Reid and Colin Kaepernick,” Jenkins said.

  19. I see the NFL is still kissing the backsides of both Kaeperdick and Nike.
    I’ve no interest in any of the three of them.

  20. You said it, Blink.
    Two conclusions for any thinking person to draw:
    Screw Kaperdink.
    Screw the NFL.
    Nothing has changed. Don’t give either a dime of real money, and if you watch on the TeeVee, always note all the empty seats in the stands and laugh.
    They can’t pound sand.

  21. @TonyR; Yep, I realized that after a I read another couple of articles. Still, the guys a douche who seems to not really want to play football just cash checks and keep Nike happy. I have to wonder whether his girlfriend is orchestrating or at least encouraging a lot of this.

  22. Krapernick is the biggest douche bag I’ve seen in a l o n g time.
    This was an obvious publicity stunt, and the little bitch clearly doesn’t give an eff about playing football.

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