KAG wins in impromptu Trump Poll at Orlando Rally

The president asked the rally goers in Orlando if he should keep his 2020 theme “Make America Great Again,” or switch it to “Keep America Great.”

Overwhelmingly, the rally goers voted for “Keep America Great.”

I like it because it implies in it that the president has done a great job in his first term.

15 Comments on KAG wins in impromptu Trump Poll at Orlando Rally

  1. Now the left will have to claim America was never great. They disagree with anything Trump says.

  2. It could have been “KAGA” = Keep America Great Always. Then you could say:

    “MAGA! KAGA!” (But it sounds like someone in a bar about to hit the floor.)

    Okay, “KAG” works.

    “Trump/2020: KAG!” (And bring a KEG!)

  3. Maybe KAG 2024?

    I’m going with KAG, Red and Blue hats with gold lettering.
    What a fantastic, rousing speech! I’m still listening. He has the stamina of Hercules. Those demorats can’t touch him. KAG!

  4. You mean I need to buy a new hat?! I hate this president! 🙂
    But actually my new one is bright red and reads:

    I am going to retire my MAGA hat.

  5. Moe Tom, the 2024 will truly trigger the libs! 🙂

    Now I want a Trump 2024 hat! So funny to get them off their bonkers!

  6. @Jimmy — You and I were thinking the same thing. “Keep America Great Always”. That would seal the deal. But, soon enough, KAG will take on a life of its own and we’ll all be referring to “KAG Country.”

    (Anyone else think Don Jr.’s speech — the part about running around the country with Kimerbly Guilfoil and pivoting to “I’m the father of five children” — went over like a lead balloon? Ughh. Shave off that stupid beard and stop talking like a fathead, Donny. He was so much more likeable when he didn’t sound like the son of the president.)

  7. Could you even imagine if conservatives were running around the country in “Trump 2024” hats as a running joke against the idiot liberals who said he would not leave the White House? Too funny!

  8. KAG makes more sense now, obviously.

    But it doesn’t have the cadence of MAGA, both as an acronym and for use in lines at the end of Trump’s speeches.


    Keep America Great — Again! 2020.


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