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Kagan- How did she get consent?

How could a justice think this is remotely accurate?

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  1. Let’s see, the gubmint supposedly gets its money from the people ………hmmm.
    Or do they just print it!?!? Wait, what?!?!

  2. Isn’t that cute. A Supreme Court justice says what we’ve feared for so long. That government health care was a ploy to seize control. -Jeff MAGA2022-@DigitheadRex

  3. Kagan and Sotomayor were the initial attempts for the Øbamboozler to corrupt the court by installing liberal nincompoops. Breyer was the pick of the impeached and disbarred bicycle seat-sniffing trailer park Troll.
    Now they’re just going stuff it since nobody is likely to kick off!

  4. this is a twisted manipulation on the path to the same obamacare “it isn’t a tax”, oh, wait, “it is a tax.”
    she also authored abortion language within obamacare, and has since voted as a justice on the same things.

    The taxpayers are paying for it.

    You must have ice cream. We pay for that ice cream, so we get to decide what flavor of ice cream you will have. And you must have our ice cream, which we will buy for you. Oh- you we us the money for the ice cream.

  5. the government is of the people and for the people that is the citizens of the United States of America who own the government. Not the other way around.
    Not for the world, not for the illegals, not as dictators.
    She is suffering from a god complex and forgets she’s a servant though in what should be a very honorable position.

  6. Of course.

    That was the whole POINT of Obamacare.

    Just like they used the EPA to take possession of the air you breathe, they used Obamacare to take possession of the lungs you breathe it with.

    Therefore, you can only breathe when they say, how they say, and what they say.

    Because they said so.

    As for “How can she believe this is remotely accurate”, well, it WILL be.

    Just as soon as the Communist ruled “Supreme Court” says it is.

    Thursday, I think.

    …See, lets recap.

    – 1 “Justice” says states have no rights and that there is a Federal police force over all.
    – 1 “Justice” says what you just read, the government owns your health care and can dictate the terms.
    – 1 “Justice” says the entire population of the United States gets COVID twice every 24 hours.
    – 1 “Justice” already pretzeled himself to keep Obamacare”, already refused to hear any evidence that might discredit the current regime, and is already compromized to the hilt between a likely illegal adoption and videos of him that likely exist of his raping children on Epstein Island.
    …so they only need one.

    Of the remaining five, two – and ONLY two – are likely to rule based on the Constitution against mandates.
    Two have already proven that they are easily cowed, cf. the Texas election ruling.
    One was yet another Trojan horse for the Commmunists.

    …So, my prediction? Ruling will be 7-2 for mandates, thus making what this “Justice”, who had no other real qualifications for the bench other than aberrent sexual practices, indeed “accurate”.

    The “government” will, in fact, dictate the terms of our health care.

    Take the Mark of the Beast or leave it.

    But expect to be unable to buy or sell even basic medical care if you don’t…

  7. …as for “consent”, the government has been raping the nation at LEAST since last Jan. 6th in earnest, but it started long, LONG before that.

    So they don’t really “ask” anymore.

    They just TAKE.

    As for consent for MEDICAL issues, at no point in any of this has there really been “informed” consent even POSSIBLE. No one has been given a REAL idea of the possible risk and benefits, what the risk and benefits even ARE is shifting every day so it isn’t possible even if they WANTED to be honest, no one knows what’s IN it so they can’t consent or not to the ingredients, and even providers are at a loss when asked to give details as we’ve seen on this very site.

    …so, no one knows or has ever known what it IS.
    …no one knows, or has ever known, what it DOES to them SPECIFICALLY.
    …no one knows, or has ever known, if it WORKS for them SPECIFICALLY.
    …no one knows, or has ever known, if it INJURES them SPECIFICALLY.
    …definitially, it was never even a VACCINE until they changed the DEFINITION, so no one knows what TYPE of medicine it is, if it’s a medicine in the traditional sense at ALL.

    …seems to me, the “informed consent” thing went out the window back when these came out. The information has NEVER been there, and STILL isn’t, for the “Informed” part.

    …the only thing we will be TOLD on Thursday is if we get to keep the “Consent” part.

    …and, given the history of Democrat/Communist rule and the potential SC vote tallies as you see in my previous post above, absent a return to the methods of our forefathers, I STRONGLY suspect we will NOT…

  8. Hambone
    JANUARY 12, 2022 AT 11:59 AM
    ‘Imagine someone saying, I paid for this bullet so I get to shoot you.’

    …actually, the government is telling military and LEO “I paid for your bullets so you’ll shoot who I TELL you to”.

    Kind of the same thing.

    And it seems to be WORKING.

    …if it WASN’T, we wouldn’t be having this conversation today…

  9. Wake up.

    There is no fix for what our system of government has degraded down to. The foundation on which it was built is still sound but those that desired to serve the nation and its people are long dead and gone. They have been replaced by those seeking fortunes and power. Greed and control are what drive their actions.

    Voting, even if fair elections could be held, will not turn our government around because corruption is king. The extremely small number of true patriots in government cannot do it. Some, that acted as patriots initially have either been corrupted or never were actually interested in public service, they just had an opportunity to get on the train of untold wealth.

    How many times have we heard said that they’re politicians and all politician’s lie? Why are we in a state that accepts such a statement?

    When tyranny becomes law, rebellion becomes duty. – Thomas Jefferson

    There is no one person that has declared that they can save us, save this nation and save our way of life. It’s up to us.

  10. “Diversity” doesn’t mean giving a chance to intelligent women or minorities to serve at a level their intellect warrants. “Diversity” means putting whimmen and minorities who are goddamn fucking idiots in positions of power where they are totally controllable and can do the maximum amount of damage.


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