Kamala and DOCTOR Jill hug it out

Judging by the look on Kammy’s face in the photograph, it wasn’t friendly.

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  1. Two opportunistic skanks putting on a performance of unity to quell the firestorm. No doubt it’s heartfelt!

  2. …Kamel only looks like that because, while Jill typically IS a dick, she’s not the kind the Vice Whore likes the taste of…

  3. They deserve each other, and they both earned a hearty GFY.

    To clear the visual, imagine our beautiful, classy Melania.

  4. Ask me if I give a rats ass. 🤔 Nope didn’t think so. 😁
    This is just a photo-op for the touchy feely crowd.

  5. Both of them look like they are going to start clawing each other’s eyes out any minute now. What a fun cat fight that would be!

  6. Jill Biden is as grotesque and sleazy as Harris. Worse, she’s probably running a good part of our country.

  7. Their lack of morality is a common characteristic.
    Both are despicable in each other’s eyes and they’re both right.

  8. Jill comes off as a blind woman here, looking out into space and feeling for the other person.
    Must be a “doctor” thing.

  9. Imagine if this were a scratch-n-sniff photo.
    Cheap ass perfume covering the stench of whorehouse.

  10. Reminded me of….

    Kamala (as Apollo) Ain’t gonna be no rematch
    Dr. Jill (as Rocky) Don’t want one.

    Does the MSM expect a Hillary-Huma type relationship?

  11. Both are disgusting. Jill is a perfect match for a lowlife sleazeball like Biden. Kanala is perfect match for her ‘sloppy seconds’ husband.

  12. I’m no body language expert, but from the positioning of their bodies and the looks on their faces, neither of them seem particularly happy about it.


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