Kamala and her big idea

DC: California Democratic Sen. Kamala Harris unveiled a policy proposal to close the pay disparities between men and women by mandating corporations to disclose wage data and earn “Equal Pay Certifications” Monday.

Corporations that do not secure certification would be fined 1% of their profits for every 1% pay gap for the same work, The Associated Press reported Monday. Federal contractors will be required to receive the certification within two years of Harris presiding in office or they would not be allowed to compete for contracts valued more than $500,000.

“Kamala Harris has a simple message for corporations: Pay women fairly or pay the price,” her campaign said, according to The AP.

Companies would also need to disclose top-earners who are women and total pay and total compensation gap that exists between the genders regardless of position, experience and performance under the policy, the AP reported.

The proposal shifts the responsibility from employees to corporations when addressing pay discrimination, according to the AP. more here

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  1. This will work out real well – for the lawyers. For the corporations and employees (and especially women) not so much.

  2. That’s okay, they’re still looking for women to work strip clubs.
    What? Trannies are taking over?
    That’s a shame.

  3. I try to understand this issue, but fail. Equal pay has been the law nationwide for decades, supported by complementary State laws. What is the nature of this persistent pay “gap”? No one seems able to explain it. So, how will passing a law to correct something that is not understood correct it? Do you think that correcting it may not be the point?

  4. the crowd these people cater to is shrinking. There are snowballs in hell that have more of a chance then any of these bozos.

  5. this all from someone who has gotten where she is NOT by signing the front of a check but on her knees blowing Willie Brown. Yeah.

  6. “Companies would also need to disclose top-earners who are women and total pay and total compensation gap that exists between the genders regardless of position, experience and performance…”

    she wants ‘equal pay’ regardless of what job is being considered, what someone does, or how well they do it. Sure sounds like communism. Next step would be to have the government pay ‘the workers.’
    I agree with Zonga- it does smell like a government takeover.

  7. So now the HR witch who calls 11 meetings in five days in order to determine which fruits will make up the Friday fruit basket in the break room will be making as much money as the head of engineering. Should work.

  8. In determining when life begins, it might be a good idea to determine when it ends- what are the parameters for that determination? If something in absence determines death, then its presence must establish life. Acceptance of that brief logic gets the argument to the ‘heartbeat stage.’ And it can be pushed beyond that.

  9. If biden picks her for VP, and biden wins, harris will likely be president, because biden will likely die in office of old age.

  10. Equal pay my ASS.
    How about EQUAL news reporting, EQUAL education in our schools, EQUAL voting rights and EQUAL legal justice.

    Or is that asking for too much????

    Of course it is and that is why most of America despises liberals….

    Liberals have an uncanny knack of avoiding/ignoring the simple truth that separates them from basic common sense.

  11. Having taken a different route to her present position her proposal hasn’t included merit into her calculation. Screwing the boss is one way to climb up the latter but beyond a certain level you’re actually expected to comprehend the jobs requirements.

  12. Just another non issue being hyped to placate a fringe group of perpetually aggrieved feministas. But you really can’t blame Kamala as even our vaunted halls of congress are taking up the pressing issue of raising the smoking age to 21. This while the border is being overrun, the corruption of the FBI and DOJ is blatantly obvious, disaster relief for mid America has not been addressed, drug companies are raping us with hyper inflated costs, social security and the USPS will soon fail and numerous other pressing issues. It’s no wonder that congresses approval rate is in the teens, personally I think it should be around 5%.


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