Kamala ‘Top Tier!’ Harris Fans Blame Billionaires, Sexists, and Racists for Her Campaign’s Collapse

Aw, there there. She’s a shtrong womyn. She’ll land on her back feet.

REASON: Blaming everyone but Kamala Harris for her presidential campaign’s collapse. The conversation surrounding Kamala Harris’ exit from the 2020 presidential race has been reaching some ridiculous places since the California senator announced she was dropping out yesterday. Harris herself blamed billionaires, basically, while supporters and pundits expanded the blame to also include sexism, racism, biased media coverage, and other issues beyond the candidate or her campaign’s control.

If you’re wondering whether Democrats picked up any introspection since Hillary Clinton’s 2016 loss was chalked up to sexism, racism, third parties, Bernie bros, and such…the signs aren’t looking so good.

On social media and cable news, commentators keep coming back to alleged advantages enjoyed by other candidates—personal wealth, less scrutiny of their criminal justice records, etc.—to supposedly explain why Harris was forced to exit early (and to complain how unfair it is that folks like Michael Bloomberg, Pete Buttigieg, and Sen. Amy Klobuchar remain in the race). READ MORE

27 Comments on Kamala ‘Top Tier!’ Harris Fans Blame Billionaires, Sexists, and Racists for Her Campaign’s Collapse

  1. I think her supporters are correct – leftist Billionaires, leftist Sexists, and leftist Racists are to blame for Her Campaign’s Collapse.

  2. Because everyone hates the offspring of Jamaicans and India Indians.

    Or maybe we just hate haughty, snarling liberals angling for power in order to exact even more punishment on Americans than Obama did.

  3. Obama pretended to only care for the underclass and he was an EPIC FAILURE. Coddling the under achievers in life does not make a nation stronger or more humane. Democrat virtue signaling get’s us nowhere.

  4. She failed because she is a nasty vindictive bitch, with no sense of morality or what is right.
    People found that out. Simple, really.
    Her campaign ended for the very simple reason that ‘she blew it’

  5. Could it be everyone knows she’s a dishonest, manipulative prostitute? Maybe voters don’t trust people too much like Stormy Daniels? Could it be that she prosecuted over a thousand people knowing they were innocent? Maybe too many people have no respect for an unqualified, politically correct, affirmative action, pathological liar? I dunno.

  6. She never recovered from the Ian Sams photoshop. And remember: thoughts and prayers for all of the 24 year-old staffers who are suddenly unemployed just before Christmas.

  7. “Kamala ‘Top Tier!’ Harris Fans Blame Billionaires, Sexists, and Racist DEMOCRAPS for Her Campaign’s Collapse”

    FIFY. After all, it was the DEMOCRAP primary process, that put her out to pasture… 😳

  8. I saw someone on this site mention that it would either be racist or sexist’s fault. The Democrats are so predictable, that it makes my stomach sick.

  9. “Blaming everyone but Kamala Harris for her presidential campaign’s collapse.”

    So she’s learned at the feet of the master, Hillary Clinton?

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