Kamala Gut Punched by Tulsi During Debate

Of the field, she certainly is the most attractive, if that means anything anymore.

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  1. I want to see full-frontal nudity with a full exam including pelvic exam… before I fall for “her” hotness…. ya never know anymore

  2. I have no doubt that she could physically kick the crap out of all the other (d) “candidates”, she’s good looking, apparently in good shape – and, SO WHAT?? She’s still a lib (d), even after serving in the military! What is it with Hawaii?

  3. Gabbard chose Hinduism as her religion while she was a teenager… Progressive liberal dem, from Hawaii, Hindu, homeschooled expect for a time in school in the Philippines, not mainstream American enough for me despite her National Guard time, no thanks, swipe left,

  4. Loved the gut punch, but am curious why they all want to protect everyone on death row and can’t cheer on fast enough, the killing the unborn even up to and after birth. They all make me sick.

  5. If I remember right, one of our leading commenters, at the time Tulsi first entered the race predicted she would be a contender. Turns out Brad was right on the money with that. Can you imagine if this turns out to be a cat fight between Marianne and Tulsi?

  6. I can’t wait to read about how much $$$ the Dems and their enablers are wasting on this election!

  7. Harris never answered her but deflected to her ‘stellar record. First off, not answering and deflecting is the D way. Then her bragging about what she did in CA … so what? Lots of words, but I don’t see what was so great about what you did. Slut.

  8. Meerkat, sometimes I can’t tell if someone is serious or joking. Looks to me the next opportunity Tulsi has she will deliver a knockout blow by calling in how she “worked her way to the top”. I’m thinking Kamala is done.

  9. There was a major KO punch that was missed.
    harris told a story about visiting a center for illegal children in Florida. She said they wouldn’t let her in, so she walked outside, down along the wall and climbed up on a ladder (I find that highly unlikely) and looked over the wall. She said she saw lines of children, separated by gender, going into barracks. Someone should have said to her-
    ‘you saw lines of children, separated by gender- how many lines were there? Was it two lines?’
    It would have been a whole different night if the moderators weren’t who they were.
    And harris is an anchor baby anyway. Someone ask her about that, please.

  10. “A pretty face can hide an evil mind.”

    Vain woman shows her ass to get elected. Female version of Paul Ryan.

  11. Rating the ignant bitches:

    Tulsi Gabbard – Hot mess
    Kamala Harris – S & M Cop
    Marianne Williamson – Lunatic fringe
    Kirsten Gillibrand – Ranch undressing

    Can’t really rate these since femininity is absent:
    Amy Klobuchar – Masculine face *shudders*
    Elizabeth Warren – Soup Nazi

  12. I abruptly dumped a woman I started dating one time who looked better than her because I discovered she was a raging liberal. In retrospect, I should have toughed it out for two more dates and claim my carnal reward but something tells me I dodged a bullet. I’ll bet she was a real bunny boiler.

  13. If Michelle Obama gets into the White House next year, every one of you will wish Gabbard were there instead.

  14. Sylvia — I would LOVE for mooch to run! She’s as dumb as a mud fence — and arrogant, too, but her husband is too full of self-preservation to expose himself (via her) to the KO King. And besides, being president is too much work for her. Her thing is raking in board membership dough without having to be present.

  15. That was spectacular. Gabbard shot Kamala right were her heart would be located, if she had one. After the campaign kickbacks run out, Kamala’s campaign is toast. She’s got too many used condoms in her closet.

    BTW, the only reason Mooch would run for president is to get Barry back in the White House to create a “shadow” 3rd term Presidency. We can only hope Barry’s legacy is horrific enough to keep Mooch, the First Hatey out of office, especially for 2024.

  16. Too bad she’s a democrat. She’s going to have to put up with crap like that forever with those floozies.

  17. Mooch back in the White House? They finally got her stink out of there from her first stay.
    There’s no education in the second kick of a mule!

  18. Notice how Harris began looking down and pretending she was writing the whole time she was being skewered. You could actually see all that smug superiority drain from her face. That’s the “tell” when they know they just got murdered. They all do it.

  19. Old Mayor Peter in the Butt was not impressed with her yoga pants! Did not turn him on! Guess she won’t get the Fag vote no matter how much she stretches!

  20. Air squats for the lose. Never trust an air-squatter. Put some weight on your back if you’re such a bad a$$. HARD PASS on Tulsi. Btw, was she on front lines in the war? Thought not.

  21. If we make it to November next year, the 2020 Election is going to be the kickoff of America’s Civil War 2.0

    Trust me and be ready for anything.


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