Kamala Harris’ Abysmal ‘Top Cop’ Record

American Spectator:


As Bazelon added in an interview with the progressive publication Truthout, “many convictions became tainted” at the state DNA lab, “[a]nd it turned out that her office had known for months … and had not disclosed that information to the defense. And when a judge found out, she became quite incensed. … Harris’s reaction to that was to try to get the judge disqualified by saying that she had a conflict of interest because her husband was a defense lawyer.” Some “progressive prosecutor,” right?

Bazelon chapter-and-verses Harris’ approach to justice, which stands at odds with the candidate’s current claims. In fact, the public record is full of evidence that Harris resisted the kind of criminal justice reforms that now are widely embraced by liberals and conservatives alike. more here

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  1. When Harris jumped Biden at the debate this is the sort of stuff he needed to know backwards and forwards so he could hammer her on national television about her actions as AG of the state that would stun most progs and liberal Democrats. He’s screwed but you can bet the other candidates are now ready for her. All these people have some skeletons that are in the closet and if they want to play to win they better get to looking.

  2. Biden doesn’t really want to run against Trump. All of his misdeeds would be dragged out in public and he might actually be prosecuted. He’s pulling a McCain and pretending to run while not trying at all to win.

  3. To use the poker analogy, she is a great bluffer at betting, once the bluff is called, her crap hand is worthless!


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