Kamala Harris, Biden’s VP pick, views politics as a game

Black Republican:
By Tom Del Beccaro

Senator Kamala Harris’s convictions aren’t about the issues, they’re about power and the limelight
Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, after many delays, has finally announced his choice for vice president. He’s chosen former presidential candidate Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif., as his running mate.

Time will tell the real story behind why Biden chose Harris. Meanwhile, what is blatantly apparent is that Harris is not ready to be president. That is no small consideration given what critics have referred to as potential cognitive issues for the 77-year-old former vice president. These potential cognitive issues could make Harris president of the United States — and in short order.

Indeed, for the first time in American history, voters are presented with the real possibility they are selecting someone with the knowledge that the vice-presidential candidate could be president within four years – or less.

I have my own experience with then-Senate candidate Kamala Harris.
In 2016, I ran for the United States Senate against Kamala Harris.  We debated twice. In the post-debate KCRA poll after the first debate, I beat Harris 38% to 33% with 3 other candidates dividing the remainder.  There was no post-debate poll for the second debate.
The reason I beat Harris in that first debate is telling in my view.
First, Harris responded to the debate questions in a cagey manner so as not to jeopardize her lead in the polls – even when the moderator told her she hadn’t answered the question.

Second, and this partly explains the reason for her cagey answers, is that her understanding of and dedication to policy was superficial at best.  As such, it was easy to draw a contrast to her in this information age, i.e. answer the question and stand for something and you will get noticed.

Harris’ performance in that first debate was a microcosm of who she is.
In truth, Harris has led a gilded political life. She became the girlfriend of the legendary California political kingmaker, Willie Brown, although he was married.

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8 Comments on Kamala Harris, Biden’s VP pick, views politics as a game

  1. Of course it’s a game! So, it’s game on! We’ll give her the coin toss.

    (Have you been keeping track of #WalkAway and #Blexit and the reception Larry Elder’s “Uncle Tom” has been getting?)

  2. Totalitarian Domination of the United States of America and the Complete Destruction of Western Civilization is NO fucking GAME!

    izlamo delenda est …

  3. Kamala Khameleon considers the “little people” as pawns she uses to gain power. She’s a racist who takes advantage of the high criminal activity in black communities to indiscriminately prosecute black men – a high number who were innocent or first time offenders of misdemeanors.
    Contrast that with President Trump created the First Step Act bill that is now law which gives offenders a chance to redeem themselves and leave behind a criminal past.
    In a nutshell, Kamala Harris cares nothing about the so called “little people”, especially if they are “persons of color”. Shes a dangerous fraud.

  4. Dementiacrats are overjoyed with this woman. She’s a moderate! A female version of Barack Osmidgen. Kalamity Harris is not only a Black Colored Woman, she’s a Brown Colored Woman! She understands the plight of Muslims in this country, because she’s married to a Jewish man. Kalamity will protect Americans’ freedom to obtain an abortion and end the gun show loophole and protect us from another Ebola epidemic. Her own miserable attempt to get elected was just a small detour on the path to the Presidency. She’s such a real find!

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