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Kamala Harris Calls For Awareness

Does she sound at all like she knows wtf she is talking about?

Does she ever?

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  1. I think, like, we should, like, you know definitely extend the Smell grants,awareness, and shit, like, you know, specifically, like, you know, like, that shit, and stuff.

  2. I’ve always said progress on the Pell grants and the importance of the passage of time have a lot in common.

  3. When she takes Joey’s place will we wish we still had him?

    Heard a talk radio guy say that he thought Petey would end up as VP.

  4. Tossed word salad.
    Add a little vinegar and oil, salt and pepper, and voila!
    Sometimes top it off with a few croutons.

    Boilerplate politi-speak – say much about nothing and the compliant press will nod and look serious and pretend to take notes.

    Listen to HRC’s catalogue of her greater accomplishments as SecState, for instance.
    Or just about anything Obola spoke. Certainly Biden – mouth moves and pabulum oozes.

    And the morons and imbeciles stand mesmerized. She sounds like a stoned teenager.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  5. Yes I went and looked…

    “You already know that Kamala Harris is destined for the history books in a big way as the first female, Black and Asian American Vice President of the United States. Until anyone can get their hands on those tomes in a few years, voracious readers young and old have a variety of Kamala Harris books from which to choose, including her own memoir, a children’s book and a chronicle of her criminal justice career.”

    It was at Parade Magazine. I won’t even bother with the link.

    “tomes” lol

  6. 3rd Twin – If history is even half accurate it will show that Harris gave the Black community a (ahem…) black eye!

  7. VP Heels Up advice as a role model for young women wanting a career in politics:
    When choosing to shop at a “big box” department store
    Stay out of Costco
    Avoid Sam’s
    Don’t do Pace
    Only do BJ’s

  8. I’ve fully aware that Kackles McKneepads is a stupid whore who got her station in life not because of what comes out of her mouth but by who came in it.

  9. She needs a Latin name under her, like Wile E. Coyote & the Roadrunner sometimes had in the old Warner Bros. cartoons.

    “Dingbattus Extremis” comes to mind!

  10. Cynic, Haris doesn’t need to say “Me love you long time.” She has a history of loving long things every time.

  11. Kumala: I’ve always like being aware of awareness, ever since I was a little girl. My mom always said I was much more aware of using the toilet than my brother. He peed all over the house because little boys don’t care and aren’t aware. When I had to go to the bathroom to pee, I always used the toilet and I left it nice and clean afterwards. I was a very aware little girl and I’m always aware of awareness even now. Being aware of awareness has been my guiding principle my whole life. When I am in new surroundings, I always make my self aware of awareness and find out where the ladies room is, or in a pinch, the men’s room, which is usually empty because men are not aware enough of being aware of the men’s room.


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