Kamala Harris: ‘I Am Not a Socialist’


During a speech in Iowa, Democratic presidential candidate Senator Kamala Harris assured the crowd that she wasn’t a “revolutionary” nor was she a “socialist.”

“I’m not trying to upend and blow up systems. I’m not trying to start a revolution. I am not a socialist,” she said. She’s also not going to be a candidate for president much longer. Her faltering campaign has been circling the drain for a couple of weeks and is not likely to survive the Iowa Caucuses.

Why that is speaks volumes about the current state of the Democratic Party. The center of gravity in the party has fallen off a cliff and even relative moderates like Harris have been left behind.

But just because a candidate says they’re not a socialist, is that true?

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  1. Isn’t it enough that she’s literally an adulterer who sucked a married mans cock to jumpstart her political career and she’s a bigot?…. Wait, those are highly desirable traits to the average demwit voter. Nevermind…

  2. Reminds me instead of a great lady who was absolutely completely different: Margaret Thatcher.
    —“Being powerful is like being a lady; if you have to claim you are, you’re not.”

    Why stop lying now, right Kamala?

  3. Harris is more of a fascist than a socialist. Actually, most of the leftist Democrat candidates are fascists instead of socialists. These people do not necessarily seek nationalization of United States industries – a hallmark of socialism – but rather promote command and control of private industry, which is fascism. Obama, with his “pen and telephone,” was more of a fascist than a socialist.

    Fascism is also racist and divisive, which is another hallmark of the left. For example, the Democrats have policies of categorizing and dividing – black, white, hispanic, Asian – and then sub-categorizing and subdividing – white hispanic, LBGTQ, multiple genders, feminist, white male, illegal etc. This is in its essence racism.

    Fascism has frequently been called an ultra right-wing philosophy, but I would argue that it is more ultra left-wing. Under fascism, communism and socialism, the means is virtual total government control, which is one of the things all leftists agree upon.

  4. Wyatt, you can demonstrate the leftists are fascists by pointing out that the Nazis were leftists.
    That always reveals the fascist in them as they vehemently deny the truth.

  5. For fuck’s sake … we’re all socialists, now.

    Income tax?
    Socialist Security?
    40-hr work week?
    Narrowing of the 2nd Amendment?
    “Public” Education?
    Nationalizing debt?
    Nationalizing pension thefts?
    Sweeping National Regulations?
    Socialized Medicine (ObolaCare, for instance)?
    Compulsory ANY-fucking-THING?
    Yada, yada, yada …

    izlamo delenda est …

  6. Socialism has four branches:
    National Socialism

    All are evil.

    It is crucial we continue to call these Leftist politicians what they are – SOCIALISTS. If you want, you can include which branch of Socialism they are from – Communist Socialist, Fascist Socialist, National Socialist, Progressive Socialist.

  7. Kamala is a proven liar, so any statement she makes at this point would require confirmation by an independent source. If she were to tell you what day it is, it would be advisable to consult a calendar.

  8. Why are incompetent people always fascists?

    Because they cannot get by in a game that is not rigged, or keep their b.s. positions without genocide.

  9. No one will care that the US is not a free country until more Americans personally become victims of the police state.

    Everyone will shrug if an American gets killed by the CIA in Yemen, but Americans might care about the police state when they get tortured for jaywalking.

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