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Kamala Harris Is a Diversity Hire


Vice President Kamala Harris has come in for somebadpressof late. Stories of discontent, political failure, and a mass staff exodus have accompanied the first Black woman vice president, who privately told allies that “the news coverage of her would be different if she were any of her 48 predecessors, whom she has described as all white and male,” The New York Times reported. But the truth is, if Harris were white and male, she wouldn’t be vice president. Because Harris is our first diversity hire V.P.

This was never a secret, or even an issue. Then-candidate Joe Biden was very explicit about his plans to pick a woman of color to share the ticket. After it became clear that Biden was to be the Democrats‘ nominee for president in 2020, Biden said during a CNN-Univision debate, “If I’m elected president, my Cabinet, my administration will look like the country, and I commit that I will, in fact, appoint a, pick a woman to be vice president.” In a separate press conference, this one a roundtable with Black journalists, Biden was even more specific: “Preferably it will be someone who was of color and/or a different gender,” he said of his potential running mate. more

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  1. “…the first Black woman vice president…”

    Wrong!! She’s not black, she’s Jamaicindian, who just happens to be dark complected, and certainly has NO experience or identity with the real black community.

    Listen to Charlamagne the “god”. In the same interview in which Charlamagne tells Biteme that the black voter bloc expects a black female VP, Biteme utters his infamous phrase, “…if you don’t know whether you’re for me or Trump, then you aint black…”

    Fucking white democrat racist condescending to a black democrat racist.


  2. Everything around me is diversity hires. Nothing gets done. I can’t get anyone to my house to do shit, hell even the mail doesn’t show up some days, at best it’s several hours later than it used to be. My longtime mailman quit, he said the shitshow has started, now I know what he meant. The result is my cracker ass doing all the work around here, just what the diversity hires were supposed to stop. Funny.


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