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Kamala Harris LEAVING – Hours After Tragedy…

True healing cannot even begin to begin its beginning… of the beginning, until Kamala Harris shows up to provide us with her jizz…err… jazz poetry about the latest thing.

The New York Post reports-

Vice President Kamala Harris is expected to visit Chicago on Tuesday — one day after the Monday mass shooting that killed at least six people and wounded dozens more in a northern suburb of the crime- and violence-ridden city.

“I am going to travel to Chicago tomorrow morning to address the National Association of Educators — NEA,” Harris told reporters after visiting with firefighters in Santa Monica, Calif.

Harris did not say if she would visit with victims of the Fourth of July parade shooting in Highland Park, Ill., about 25 miles north.

“Part of what I’m preparing — sadly, I was preparing it before, but it’s resonant every day — is a whole section on what our teachers go through. They go to school to learn how to teach our children to inspire their ambition to create the future generations of leaders and our teachers are also in training to deal with an active shooter,” Harris said.


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  2. If it’s a dem run city, your current breed of “educators”
    couldn’t find their way out if a paper bag, even with written instructions. Especially if they’re written in cursive.

  3. The denizens of blue run port o let cities deserve everything they get and more. They’re the ones that voted it all in, let ’em deal with it. Cry me a river.

  4. The only difference between this shooting and the regular weekly shootings in Chicago is this one was a white guy.

  5. ^^^^Not quite, Highland Park is a suburb. Not in Chicago. At least the cops were not little scaredy cats like the ones in Texas.

  6. The dowdy tawdry hyena-faced Harris woman won’t visit the families of those victims because she knows dern well—as the rest of America does—that the Crimo Killer is a lefty extremist who has openly advocated for the warped and unaccomplished mentally unstable anteefa and their evil democrat-promoted violence (think Million Dolla Mansions Maxine Water, Pelosi et al)), not to mention that Crimo stated he planned the left-inspired massacre since 2021. ohno the Harris viper does NOT want attention brought to those facts. Not to worry, HyenaHarris, the rest of us will and do.

  7. ‘But it’s resonant every day…’

    When stupid people try their damnest to use a high fallutin fancy pants word in order to sound smart … but are just too stupid to pull it off.

    This dumb ass isn’t capable of teaching elementary school grammar or English.

    But diversity.

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