Kamala Harris More Liberal Than Bernie Sanders, Senate Record Analysis Shows


Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s pick for his vice presidential running mate, Democratic California Senator Kamala Harris, was ranked as being more liberal than Democratic Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, the congressperson often considered the furthest left within the Democratic caucus.

The government watchdog website GovTrack.us ranked all 100 U.S. Senators with an “ideology score” from 1.0 (most conservative) to 0.0 (most liberal). The score is based on each senator’s legislative behavior: namely, how similar the pattern of bills and resolutions they co-sponsor are to other congress members.

“Members of Congress with similar political views will tend to cosponsor the same set of bills, or bills by the same set of authors, and inversely Members of Congress with different political views will tend to cosponsor different bills,” the website explains.

GovTrack.us gave Sanders an ideology score of 0.02 and Harris a score of 0.00. together, they ranked as the most liberal members of the Senate. The website said Harris joined bipartisan bills the least often compared to Senate Democrats. more

8 Comments on Kamala Harris More Liberal Than Bernie Sanders, Senate Record Analysis Shows

  1. JB was very careful in his selection, he wanted somebody who was so far left, he would be considered a middle of the roader by comparison.

  2. I swear, libs try to out-dumb each other but seldom hold their supremacy until the next dumb dipshit liberal will top it.

  3. Harris is a whore. She rivals hillary clinton – and stormy daniels.
    She’ll do anything, she’ll say anything, she’ll fuck anything.

    She is no Joan of Arc. More like: Joan of Dick.

    If only her heart was in the right place. But she is a monster.

    But she will be the first VP candidate who wants to stay in motels when she travels. You know – feels like being home.

  4. I realize that the word “justice” has been kicked around and bastardized so much of late that it has lost all meaning, but it would be pretty sweet if she got the Palin treatment. Having her life ruined, her good name trashed, her reputation assaulted daily, even her very children vilified and lied about, the most shameful thing I’ve seen in politics in years. But no, the criminals, the crybabies, the dishonest malevolent press, they create the narrative, they wield the power of persuasion and they decide who gets lionized and who gets derided. Our country is literally upside down now.

  5. i am drunk and typing in the dark……. because i live alone….. cameltoe harris is NOT a LIBERAL….. none of these fukcers get it! THEY ARE MARXISTS!

  6. Well, things worked out pretty well for the last mixed race junior senator who was to the left of Bernie Sanders…they must think it’s the winning formula.

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