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Kamala Harris Needs a Speech Writer, Seriously

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Vice President Kamala Harris went viral on Tuesday for comments she made in Highland Park, Illinois, following the horrific Independence Day parade massacre. 

Just one day after the mass shooting that resulted in seven killed and over 30 injured, Harris visited the northern suburb of Chicago to meet with local law enforcement. 

She made brief remarks to the mourning town. 

“We’ve got to take this stuff seriously, as seriously as you are because you have been forced to take this seriously,” Harris said to the press and Highland Park residents [bold added].  More

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  1. I am not a public speaker. I never have been able to get up in front of a group without my mouth going dry but even I could come up with a coherent sentence if I had to. This woman is as bad as Joe Biden and that’s really saying something. She should never even be as close as she is to the most powerful office in the world.

  2. She needs a speech writer, like in terms of how to be taken seriously, which she is not, because in terms of how she speaks people suddenly crave balsamic vinaigrette dressing to go with her word salad.

  3. I second that nomination.
    (though I thought he already was)

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  4. Her biggest problem, as with most libs, is self-awareness.

    Dumb people can get smart(er), inarticulate can become lucid, and ordinary can become exceptional, it’s all a matter of identifying those skills you lack and making a concerted effort to get better.

    This is her weakness. She is black, a woman, and well versed in the vernacular of lib-speak. If the proletariat has a dis-connect, it’s their problem.

    That, and when it comes down to it, she is not smart, accomplished, or proficient in anything. She is going to be a tough sell, even with a rigged election.

  5. @ cheryl JULY 6, 2022 AT 4:20 PM

    I learned that the main difference maker is knowing your subject and having a message to communicate. Next – The more you do it, the more you become comfortable.

    I was stage-shy as a kid – so I got involved in plays and competitive concert choirs as a teenager. It helped. Some.

    My next practice was becoming a door-to-door salesman for a great product. That really loosened things up. the good part is it was always a small audience and I could adjust my presentation with the next pitch.

    I’ve spent 40 years selling myself and my work in people’s living rooms. To say the least, I’m comfortable talking to anyone about my field of expertise and have corrected some of the CEU providers a few times over the years. I do feel confident about what I do.

    But going solo in front of a crowd takes practice along with knowing your subject.

    Best speech I ever gave was at my mother’s funeral when I was 35. All I wrote down were one-word bullet points for what I wanted to communicate. With a glance down, I knew the next thing I wanted them to know about her. I was able to say what was true in the moment without worrying about it.

    The list was made because I knew I would get stymied with a church full of people that I only half knew. It was all I needed to stay on point and not be just reading some lame script I wrote.

    In short, the only way to get past stage fright is to get on stage a lot, even knowing your subject becomes less important to be comfortable. When you start being vulnerable at the podium, they’ll love you to death.

  6. and the funny part is she would not be where she is today without her Oral Skills so you would think she would be better at it….

  7. Did you note what phrase she used … in terms of repeatedly?

    “And — and we’ll deal with what we need to deal with IN TERMS OF also, as we move forward, all agreeing that we’ve got to be smarter as a country IN TERMS OF who has access to what and, in particular, assault weapons. And we got to take this stuff seriously, as seriously as you are — because you have been forced to have to take it seriously.”

    It’s like freaking Tourettes.

  8. Biden* speaks gibberish because his brain shorts out. K-Ho speaks gibberish because her brain floats in a pool of rancid semen.

  9. Captain Obvious JULY 6, 2022 AT 5:35 PM

    and the funny part is she would not be where she is today without her Oral Skills so you would think she would be better at it….

    So you’re saying she would suck less if she sucked more?

  10. Dadof4 – “…So you’re saying she would suck less if she sucked more?…”

    Preciously! “Hmmmm, hmmm, hmmmm” is much more intelligent than when she actually attempts to speak.

  11. Seriously. fnuck? The guy. Who can’t handle, English, punctuation, as it were? He’d have her tongue tied up in knots! Wait. That could work! Seriously. Because, he’s so committed to taking things, and because he has to, seriously, especially when it comes, to, the passage of time, which, they, both monitor, continuously, if you know what I mean. And maybe you don’t. Just don’t underestimate the importance of the passage of time because you are forced to take it seriously, which they both are. It’s a puzzle! And it’s full of stars! Hehehehehehehehehehehehehe.

  12. I can’t wait for a book of her most famous quotes is published.
    The only problem would be deciding where to shelve it.
    In political biography or the comedy writing section?
    Her oral skills do suck on every level.
    Maybe she would be more understandable if she had something in her mouth, besides her own tongue.

  13. General Malaise – When I first saw your comment I was all ready to say, “chill my man, the Fnuck nomination was sarcasm.” Then I read your whole comment and realized, so was yours. Well done.

  14. The role of the Vice President is to prevent harm to the President. The president has to pick the worse person to replace him in a national tragedy.
    Biden fit that role perfectly for Obama. Kamala fits that role perfectly for Biden. Hopefully the American people get it. Elections have consequences. Corrupt elections are a travesty.

  15. @Rich Taylor – good summary but . . .

    Kamala is proficient at something. Wink Wink – ask Willie Brown. They don’t call her Heelz Up for nothing.

  16. KamalMao is not only stupid, lacks self awareness and stubborn, she also, as my grandmother would say, “thinks her sh*t don’t stink”.
    Meaning she thinks way too highly of herself.

  17. I think Joe & Kamel write each other’s speeches-it would explain why they both sound like idiots.

  18. She never passed the bar…big bad Willy threatened to replace the entire bar commission so they capitulated to political blackmail and gave her a pass.


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