Kamala Harris On How To Get Ahead In The Democrat Party

Strictly tongue in cheek parody here and a bit naughty. Watch

Found at The Donald.win

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  1. It’s hilarious, because it’s the truth!

    She is a nothing, who literally fucked her way to where she is.


  2. Chlamydia Hairless- the moral compass for the democrat party. If she had as many stickin’ outta her as stuck in, she be a porcupine.

  3. And yet old Stink Finger Joe had no choice but to pick her in order to get Crazy Bernie Sanders far left, socialist voters back into the Democrat fold!

  4. They say Scorcese is going to make a buddy movie with Kamala Harris and Monica Lewinsky and.call it … (wait for it ..)


  5. Hey give her a break, when she was down and out in Frisco City she was willing to polish knobs to stay afloat and earn part of her way!

  6. I apologize in advance…

    I Tell this joke often when I work in Hair salons or nails salons & the women Gang up on me:

    Q: What do Dog Shit & Women Have In Common?

    A: The older they get, the easier they are to pick up.

    Then I run like hell!

    Kamala has very little value left because all she had was marketability based on ‘looks’ and an ‘easy’ reputation to men that were 20 years older than her. Now that she is 55 with NO INTELLECT and fading PLASTIC surgery looks she will realize that that dog shit, when old enough, does not even need to be picked up because it is effectively useless dust in the wind.

  7. See ladies, that is what giving out pussy can do for you too, a spot on a presidential ticket! So when your boyfriend or the guy at the bar wants to get frisky just consider it political upward mobility!

  8. Well, she fit under Willie Brown’s desk, then fit the Brown Willie in her…



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