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Kamala Harris’ Poker Face

The Hill

Twitter users on Wednesday had mixed reactions to Democratic vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris’s facial expressions aimed at Vice President Pence’s remarks during their debate.

From the first moments the two candidates went head-to-head at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City, some praised Harris as she glared, and at times smiled and shook her head, at the vice president.

At one point, following Pence’s claims that both Harris and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden want to “raise taxes” and implement a “$2 trillion Green New Deal,” Harris responded by slowly shaking her head, smirking and quietly saying “wow.” More

21 Comments on Kamala Harris’ Poker Face

  1. Condescending fucking bitch.
    Does whitmer not present herself in exactly the same way?
    It’s like they all went to the same Ivy-League-Cunt Preparatory School.

  2. Last three stories here featured Kamala, Hanoi Jane and Gretchen Wittmer.

    This country has a crazy assed leftist women problem.


  3. Weird scary conversation on WMAL just now. I lean towards post election preparedness. Some of these callers have a total freak out going on. Perhaps, when toilet paper and meat and paper towels disappear at a mere virus caution is warranted.

    The freak out people may have a point.

    Prepare. Things might be wiggy for a month.

    Casually buy two when you usually buy one.

  4. theres an old saying, poker in the front, liquor in the rear. Or is it liquor in the front, poker in the rear?

    I never did like old sayings.

  5. Why does she call herself African American, when she’s Indian Jamaican heritage?
    More lies for votes I guess. And grt grt grand daddy owned 2 hundred slaves. Talk about prostituting herself. Disgusting

  6. To me she is the epitome of liberalism, anywhere and everywhere….she can knowingly lie to your face while smiling, trying to pass herself off as a human being.

  7. The important thing is that independent voters are now even more aware of her smug ugly snarking teeny bobber immaturity and the debate was just more evidence of her evil personality.

    She is as off-putting and obnoxious as Hillezelbub and will reap the same results.

    Mike Pence won by just showing up as the adult in the room.

  8. Shouldn’t that read: “..Harris’s Joker Face”

    She’s a clown. Immature. Acts like one of the mean girls in junior high school.

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