Kamala Harris Tells Unemployed Coal Miners That After Biden Kills Their Jobs They Should Work Reclaiming Abandoned “Land Mines” – IOTW Report

Kamala Harris Tells Unemployed Coal Miners That After Biden Kills Their Jobs They Should Work Reclaiming Abandoned “Land Mines”

Gateway Pundit:

“Land Mines”

Joe Biden killed tens of thousands of jobs his first day in office when he canceled contracts with the Keystone XL pipeline.

Biden and his “Climate Envoy” John Kerry are waging war on the energy sector but fear not because Kamala Harris is here to save the day.

Kamala Harris talked about creating news jobs in her interview and shared her brilliant idea to “build back better”….by reclaiming abandoned land mines in West Virginia.

“All of those skilled workers who are in the coal industry and transferring those skills to what we need to do in terms of dealing with reclaiming abandoned land mines.”


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  1. All of that communist indoctrination in her younger years turn he brain into shit, so we can truly say, “She has Shit for brains!” What an ugly whore! May she and Joe eat some and die!

  2. If the Dementiacrats want to finally get these pesky coal miners out of the way, sending them to clean up abandoned land mines might be a quick solution. They won’t be crowding those classrooms learning how to call in to the Internet and learning Basic and how to punch those cards if this works as planned.

  3. @Kevin R., that’s exactly right. Willie Brown’s former prostitute will now assign the serfs their jobs as she sees fit.

  4. …I’ve got family in WVA. My folks came from there because they didn’t want to be miners abd there isn’t a whole hell of a lot else to do there. My wife’s got kin in VA, in the skinny Western part under there, and its the same story. I once went to a funeral there where the family cemetary was built on the flat top of a former mountain that had been sanded off by mining and converted to burying when it was mined out. All the vehicles had to be 4WD, including the hearse.

    Tough people. Hard circumstances. Lots of Appalachian poverty, but its White people so we don’t talk about it EVEN THOUGH LBJ kicked off his ruinous and stupid “War On Poverty” while pictured with an Appalachian White family for misdirection.


    Killing coal will kill that entire region, and you’ll get a poverty migration to rival the sharcropper diaspora and Trail of Tears combined if you do so, not to mention the staggering cost of energy that will make hundreds of times MORE people poor.

    Take a drive through WVA, and you’ll see why its all about coal, because most of your drive will be UP or DOWN, except in smallish flatland areas like Wheeling and Mannington and such. But be prepared to scoot because there’s GOING to be a Jake braking fully loaded coal truck bearing down on you at 50 MPH down the steep, winding, narrow road, and he couldn’t stop if he WANTED TO, and he doesn’t want to anyway because that’s how he feeds his family.

    …These political frauds and grifters never get out of their latte serving bubbles to see how REAL people with REAL problems and REAL challenges live. They would impoverish them and an entire nation, and empty out these lands in service of a lunatics’ slice of Sky Pie. They would have us all in rags and tatters because no miners=no businesses that SUPPORT miners, and in this part of the world…that’s ALL of them.

    And even shits like Manchin, who DOES know better, will starve them ALL in service of political power.

    …and nothing happens. Taxes get paid, everyone goes to work, no demonstrations, no serious talk of civil war, nothing.

    No reason for them to STOP, then.

    …they don’t care about these people because they don’t KNOW these people.

    Neither does most of the rest of America. Most of the country probably DOES believe that all the miners can simply learn to code.

    So nothing happens, even when blackouts roll across CA because there isn’t enough eco power and they won’t allow any other kind.

    Nothing happens because it’s someone ELSE’S ox being gored.

    …well just remember, folks…the Democrats will be coming for YOUR ox, too.

    Soon and very soon.

    …and there will be no one to help YOU, because you let THEM be destroyed.

    …and so another North Korea is born…

  5. The miners can retrofit the mines for housing, manufacturing, etc. The “undergrounders” could supply the needs of the woke “abovers”.

    Any resemblance to the HG Wells novel The Time Machine is a total coincidence

  6. Kamellalla: All you have to do is walk around. They’re easy to find, all you have to do is step on one and you know it’s there.

  7. grayjohn FEBRUARY 1, 2021 AT 12:22 PM
    “The Woman is mentally challenged. Stupid is the new normal in DC.”

    …people go into politics because they would fail at an actual productive job that has actual measurable useful output required.

    And because they want to rule people for their own gain.

    Sometimes it’s one, sometimes it’s the other.

    …this time, it’s BOTH.

    …add a layer of callousness to it, remove any empathy or compassion, leave out any morals or fear of God, wrap it in a mocha female shell that it would use in any way it could to advance its ambitions, and add a cackle that would embarass a witch, et voila! It’s Kamala Harris, “ready to be president on Day 1″…

  8. Not a clue what “skilled trade” means; not a clue what “profession” means. Obviously, she has nothing — only her mouth.

  9. At the end of the day the saving of our country will be our guns.

    When they, the communist death democrats, try to come and take them, and they will, that is the time we will need to really come together at the local level in our towns and make them pay dearly. I give it maybe a year at most.


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