Kamala Harris Visits Local Restaurant ‘Unannounced’

And It didn’t go well.

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  1. This is what happens when you are under the delusion EVERYONE agrees with you and you are so rude you assume you shouldn’t seek permission first. Desperate for the Hispanic Latino vote they turn off people in droves. And what a total phony!

  2. AHAHAHA – Oops. Who is managing the narrative? Apparently, nobody did any research. Is this the best the Democrats can do?

    That doesn’t mean we should get cavalier, or just assume we will win. Get out there and promote the right. We have less than 2 months to make sure the country doesn’t go down the sh**ter.

  3. Maybe, just maybe, she’ll go into a Cuban restaurant in South Florida and tout Fidel Castro. That would be nice to see.

    This confirms my suspicion that she has about as many smarts as Joe Bidet.

  4. shhhhhh! don’t tell them! … really, they did a wonderful job! she was great! … do more, just like that!

    “…. wink, wink, nudge, nudge … know’ad I mean, know’ad I mean? … say no more, say no more”

  5. I just tried to look at the link. It took me to Tatum’s and when I clicked “read the whole story”, the item came up but then disappeared and google said it “wasn’t on that server, that’s all we know”. Looks like they are trying to keep this type of news from everyone.

  6. USA Today, with the crucial Kamala shit:

    “Democratic vice-presidential candidate Kamala Harris is bringing back Timbs and Converse, two iconic brands known for their Gen X following.

    On Tuesday, Harris wore a pair of Timberland boots as she surveyed the damage caused by the Creek Fire with California Governor Gavin Newsom.

    And like what happened when Harris wore a pair of black Converse Chuck Taylor All-Stars earlier this month as well in August, social media was a buzz about her shoe choice.”

    Great job with your candidates, Dems. Spectacular.

  7. What would you call a Kamala themed restaurant? Progressive Soup To Nuts? Sloppy Joe’s Seconds? The Lazy Dog Luvah? The Not Black Claim Jumper? Willie’s & The Po Boys?

  8. Idiot.

    Those Venezuelans have starving family & relatives back home that know exactly what socialism is, Unlike Knee pad Harris.

  9. She and her entourage did not expect blowback from the restaurant owner AT ALL. She was in there for some video footage of her yukking it up with the locals, having a great time, smiles all around! She pranced through that restaurant smiling and laughing, no, BRAYING, like a stupid ass. I’m surprised she didn’t just set herself down and ask if she could have some of whatever the customer was eating (for the “eating with the commoners” shot).

    Absolutely did not expect the patrons to go on the social media rampage with threats of boycotting the restaurant.

    What a boor! Didn’t even ask permission to upset his whole business at a busy time of day. Entitled much?

  10. I’m surprised she didn’t just reach over and help herself to a something off someone else’s plate. She impresses me as the type.

  11. A socialist going to a restaurant of people who left socialism. Libidiot.
    Not only does Kommiela talk through her nose and giggle constantly, have you noticed she pulls her chin back and it looks like her neck starts at her ears. Probably why she keeps her hair all pulled forward.

    She is one of the most unlikable people I’ve ever seen.

  12. Assaulted by a regular Petri dish of venereal diseases while trying to eat?

    Gag me with a skunk.

    It’s a wonder the stench didn’t make the customers vomit.
    (as for her restaurant’s name – “Willie’s Dripping Dick” or “Kamala’s Fetid Cheese”)

    izlamo delenda est …

  13. Sooo, they couldn’t find a Cuban place to terrorize?
    Bidet compared President Trump to Castro, down in Florida.
    They are grasping at the same straws they banned.


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