Kamala leaves the 2020 race

DanBongino.com: As the Democrat primary has consolidated to four main candidates (Joe Biden, Pete Buttigieg, Elizabeth Warren, and Bernie Sanders), the remaining bajillion candidates are dropping like flies.

It was reported just days ago that the Kamala Harris campaign is in disarray, with one top aide leaving the campaign claiming to have “never seen an organization treat its staff so poorly.” That aide left for Michael Bloomberg’s campaign, which some observed would be like leaving the Titanic for the Hindenburg. Just an hour ago she cancelled a big-money fundraiser in New York, and now we know why. MORE

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  1. Black Hillarys’ poll numbers fell faster than her own panties in the presence of Willie Brown after Tulsi exposed her at the debate months ago.

    …but don’t write her off just yet, she’ll be back on her knees in no time.

  2. To think I was actually afraid she would pose a threat (getting the Obama voters because of her skin color and the Hillary voters because she can wear a skirt). Thank you Tullsi!

    All that drama she kicked up over kavanaugh hearing. All those tedious hours on her knees and it ends before Iowa. She must be devastated. How grand.

  3. Back seat sex stains Harris has left the podium, so she can return to her old ways to try to climb the ladder. I wonder if Unca’ Joe’s wife will mind if she “Hoovers” him for VP consideration, provided he’s not indicted first.

  4. She’s a disgusting piece of shit. Never forget that it was she and the other black senator who eagerly gave Kavanaugh the “Emmet Till” treatment.

  5. Good riddance!

    This whore abused Kavanaugh and deserves this slice of karma. Her eternal punishment for being a baby-murdering, homosexual-deviant-celebrating Democrats awaits.

  6. Beth Fouhy on msNBC just faux pas’t right on by. . .

    Beth Fouhy journalist and former executive producer and senior editor of politics at NBC News and msNBC

    She said Kammy was solid as a lock and would take South Afri. . .Ahh, South Carolina easily but somehow buttig got took cake.

    Hi Nicolle ‘Spits Schmidts’ Wallace.

  7. Now she can focus and stay on top of things…like The Brown Willie!

    I’m so proud of myself for coming up with that that I had to reference it again. LOL!

  8. Dropping like flies..none of them are worth the powder to blow them to Hell.

    Only concern is whether Mrs. Obama will drop into the race now Harris is out…maybe not as I am sure she likes living large with the “our betters” at the MV oceanside estate.

    That leaves HRC to waltz into the Dem contender fray, because…as we have been told by her…she won the first time. Could get interesting.

  9. I hear that MyPillow guy needs more workers picking GIZA cotton for his Dream Sheets…

    Shall I put in a good word for ya?

  10. Some time ago I said Chlamydia Harris would be the candidate and tongue chewing Joe would NOT be because of too much baggage.

    Wrong again as usual.

  11. Skamala’s donor pimps won’t be getting their cut now. Her beatdown is gonna be pretty ugly. *giggle*


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