Kamala to Undergo Image Rehab

Patriot Retort: Since she has oodles of time on her hand and nothing to fill it with, Kamala Harris has hired a couple of new staffers whose primary job will be giving the unpopular Vice President a little image rehab.

Think of it as the political version of the marketing failure known as “New Coke.”

Remember that? Back in the 1980s, for some inexplicable reason, Coco-Cola decided Coke needed its own image rehab. And what they came up with was New Coke. It flopped big time.

New Coke became a joke – something people like me point to when another marketing disaster looms on the horizon.

According to the Washington Post, with Democrats nervous over how unlikeable Kamala is, especially in light of their desire to make her Biden’s “heir apparent,” Team Kamala decided to hire a couple of people to launch a public relations rescue operation to rehab Kamala’s image. more

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  1. Not sure the New Coke analogy works. It assumes that Coke sucked donkey dicks, and that’s why they came up with New Coke.

    And this Atlanta boy don’t want to hear it from y’all Pepsi people. I heard it at family reunions in South Carolina all my life.

    Anyhow, the Kamala image rehab effort is doomed…

    “It probably doesn’t get more comical than to learn that a group of former Hillary Clinton operatives formed in a quest to make Kamala Harris more… likable.”


  2. She is what she intrinsically is and you cannot change that. It’s like pitting lipstick on a pig, everyone knows it is still a pig.

    Should she accept Jesus Christ as her Lord and savior is the only makeover anyone needs, but that takes sincerity. Something I see as highly unlikely on her part.

  3. Another problem is that her handlers do not understand middle America. Remember Al Gore in a flannel work shirt, Carhart pants and Timbalands? She is not fooling anyone who does not want to be fooled.

  4. Joe must be getting close so they need to make her more… 𝓅𝓇ℯ𝓈ℯ𝓃𝓉𝒶𝒷𝓁ℯ.

    But how do you “freshen up” a whore?

  5. OTOH she could change her race to native Hawaiian. Yea, here’s her new improved image song, performed by the fattest guy I’ve ever seen with a ukulele. He dies at the end, just like her new image will.

    Somewhere over the Rainbow – Israel “IZ” Kamakawiwoʻole

  6. Uh, good luck with that. Monica Lewinsky only sucked one willy. No amount of P R will ever turn her image around. What makes them think Kamala can be rehabilitated after sucking off how many guys to get where she is? Too late. Kamala blew it. No wonder her husband always wears a mask.

  7. The ugly on her is more than skin deep. It is to the bone. Let’s just say that they would be better off tossing her over the transom and sailing off into the sunset.

  8. What are they planning on doing about the cackle?
    Put some very small electrical contacts in her pearl necklace and give her a little jolt every time she starts nodding her head and cackling?

  9. The only way Kamala could be more popular is if her mouth was smaller, she got a knee job, and she could pin her legs even farther behind her ears.

    But even then……she’d still be a runt with a capital C.

  10. Makeover?

    Lets see…

    Landing Strip
    Little Tuft on top
    Full Fur Burger
    Thick Bushy Triangle (very 70’s)
    Heart Shaped with a tatoo off to the side?

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