Kansas wants to eliminate its food sales tax to fight inflation, both parties support

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Eliminating Kansas’ food sales tax has gained bipartisan support as a way to combat inflation and rising costs at the grocery store.

Democrat Gov. Laura Kelly recently rolled out her administration’s plan to “axe the food tax,” which is 6.5% – a move estimated to save $500 a year for the average Kansas family.

Attorney General Derek Schmidt, a Republican who’s running for governor, has also called for the legislature to eliminate or significantly reduce food taxes during the 2022 session.

“Everywhere I go, I hear from Kansans who are having trouble making ends meet because the Biden administration’s policies have triggered inflation,” Schmidt said earlier this month, according to the Leavenworth Times. “Everybody buys groceries, but they tend to be a bigger portion of a family’s budget when the budget is smaller.

So this is something that we can do right now in Kansas in order to help working Kansas families deal with the Biden administration’s inflationary policies.” more

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  1. Oh Wow, gee yep yep that’ll do it. On a $120 grocery bill ya get a whopping 8 bucks off. Planning our family vacation to Hawaii now!!! In 10 years I’ll have enough to purchase small carry-on luggage for the trip.

  2. You know, it may not be a lot of money each person saves, but any time you reduce what the government steals from you, it’s a good thing.

  3. In Florida, no sales tax on grocery foods. However, if it comes from the deli, it is “prepared food” and taxed. Restaurant food all taxed.

  4. I contacted the Washington State Republican Party while in college and ask if anyone wanted to take on State sales tax on the thousand dollars in text books we had to pay twice yearly. Not a fucking one of the establishment pieces of shit controlling that den of thieves thought it was the least bit important

    That was the point at which I recognized that the Republican establishment was pure poison

  5. She looks the way a nasty liberal Karen ought to look. Well, she may not be a lesbian…but I’d guess she is.

    So, I’m thinking…what got into her? A man, maybe?


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