Kanye Freaks Out and Storms Off ‘Timcast’ After Being Pressed on His Recent Behavior – IOTW Report

Kanye Freaks Out and Storms Off ‘Timcast’ After Being Pressed on His Recent Behavior


Kanye West (or Ye?) is continuing his very public mental breakdown because there’s apparently no one around him to tell him he needs help. In fact, those around him, namely infamous anti-Semites Milo Yiannopoulos and Nick Fuentes, are pushing the rapper further over the cliff.

Given that, the worst thing Kanye could be doing right now is to continue to appear in public, but that’s exactly what he’s been doing. On Monday, he appeared on “Timcast,” the popular podcast hosted by Tim Pool. What followed was chaos as Kanye angrily stormed off the set and out of the building following questions about his recent erratic behavior.

I’m obviously not a famous person with unimaginable wealth, but I’m pretty sure if you are going to spew anti-Semitic garbage, you should probably be prepared to defend it. Instead, Kanye freaks out over a Pool asking him a basic question as if his honor was been violated. It’s a legitimately sad scene because you know he’s simply not mentally well, and it’s always disturbing to watch someone slam the gas down as they careen towards an even worse mental break.

And for my money, that circumstance really reveals who the worst villains here are. Kanye is a sick man. He’s been diagnosed with mental illness (he’s bipolar, among other things), and he’s now being led around by two rabid anti-Semites and racists. That’s not to say Kanye isn’t ultimately responsible for his own statements. He is, and he’s paying a price for them both financially and to his reputation, which will never recover at this point. more

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  1. Ain’t clicking

    Somebody is going to a lot, and I mean, a lot of effort spinning this Story that just ‘appeared’ out of nowhere just like that and became what they are telling me is the number one most important story in the whole wide world and everybody in the whole wide world is just so up in arms about something that nobody ever heard about but should just drop everything and shout about it since it is the most important story going on in the whole wide world right now.

    Sorry, ain’t falling for it and will go out of my way to help everyone else in the whole wide world to not fall for it too.

  2. I’m sick and tired of knee-jerk calling Fuentes and Milo “anti-semetic” for simply stating some facts or opinions/jokes Jewish comedians have joked about for decades. Spare me the outrage. How is it any different than calling people racists who point out black men commit the majority of violent crimes? This is why we can’t have nice things. No one or no group should be off limits to criticism. Even if it’s stupid. Let people talk it out. Trying to quash it and censor it only validates it.

  3. This headline is completely misleading. When Pool said what they did to you was wrong, Ye asked ” who is they? ” Pool wouldn’t say, started the antisemitism crap, so Ye quietly got up and left, and the host and his cohorts proceeded to talk about him behind his back. Pleas quit with the bs narrative, or are you just following your masters?

  4. None of us cared about or particularly liked Kanye, until a few years ago he tweeted about thinking for yourself. Considering his reach that was worthy of comment. But he is erratic, and was never someone to fully support.
    Milo is in a similar mold, didn’t really care about him but he has generally been conservative. And then said he is no longer gay, and was only because he was groomed. That is a potentially powerful message, but Milo can be erratic too.
    I was ambivalent about Fuentes a couple of years ago, having seen backlash but nothing directly from him. So I looked at his actual comments. Yeah, he’s definitely bad, nobody should be spending any time with him, Trump in particular.

  5. “Kanye West (or Ye?) is continuing his very public mental breakdown because there’s apparently no one around him to tell him he needs help. ”

    …without speaking to Kanye as I haven’t followed this, I will say that if he or ANYONE needs mental help, there’s literally nowhere to go to GET it now.

    All the shrinks, counselors, etc., have gone full woke.

    They will not attempt to address actual mental illness at all, but celebrate and reinforce it instead.

    The only things they will actively try to deprogram are those things our generation called normal. Man/woman marriage, not mutilating your son because he put his foot in your wife’s shoe when he was 3, opposing people who burn down cities for butthurt…THESE are things they say are “mentally ill” and will even try to take your kids away if you exhibit them.

    Everything else?

    …well, groping children, murdering Whitey, slicing your breasts off because womaning is hard…this is to be chanpioned, encouraged, celebrated with the full force of Federal Law and the absolute agreement of modern psychiatry.

    They will bestir themselves to make a buck into poisoining the mentally ill with brain chemistry altering drugs that make them think they are happy with their deviance,

    But other than that, no help there.

    Shrinks are worse than useless.

    They are feeding the madness.

    …just remember that when you try to get your sanity by stud, the child looks a lot like the father.

    And psychiatrists have a very high suicide rate.

  6. Inside the Zoo: “Don’t Feed the Animals”
    Outside the Zoo: “Don’t Feed the Woke Krazies”

    Inside the Zoo is looking better and better as we all slide down the slippery slope of Wokedom!

    Sign, sign
    Everywhere a sign
    Blockin’ out the scenery
    Breakin’ my mind
    Do this, don’t do that
    Can’t you read the sign?

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  8. I see Kanye going the way of Tupac.
    Perhaps it will be suicide or some gun thug taking him out?

    Richard Pryor wrote an album called “That Nigger’s Crazy”
    Kanye is living it…

    *Richard Pryor himself was crazy himself towards the end, of course that was drug assisted.

  9. I can’t stand Kanye. I have no respect for anyone who deliberately entangles themselves with a Kardashian.
    Milo, he’s a grifter who, in 2020 blamed Trump for ruining him.
    He claims he lost career and life, trying to put Trump in the Whitehouse.
    Nevermind that Milo torched his career quite awhile before 2020.
    A Dec. 2020 rant has Milo vowing revenge on the Republic party and that he will destroy the Rep/GOP.
    He’s hoping the public will turn on Trump.
    Nick Fuentes…well, the shit he posts, speaks for itself.
    Kanye’s own words on Tim’s show, admitted that Trump had no idea who Fuentes was.
    All in all, grifters being grifters, it would not surprise me if down the road,we find out this was yet another Democrat setup.

  10. IDK what the peripheral attack does in the long run. The man is an artist and is entitled to his opinions. Not being the ‘narrative’ they always resort to name calling forms of character assassination. Truth has nothing to do with the fake outrage. I have watched a few of these Tim cast clips and they ask and question everything and it isn’t far from many MSM roundtables. Just with a conservative and libertarian take more often. This whole thing is just another hit job and distraction. I like MissinMi’s take above.

  11. Don’t know any of these people and damn sure don’t follow them.

    grayjohn expressed my view quite accurately and succinctly. Thank you.


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