Kanye Suspends His Presidential Run After 11 Days

Fox News

Kanye West has dropped his 2020 presidential bid, according to a new report.

The 43-year-old rapper’s campaign has reportedly been suspended less than two weeks after he shocked the nation with a tweet that confirmed his decision to run for president of the United States in November.

According to a new report from Intelligencer, a “get-out-the-vote specialist” named Steve Kramer claims West is already “out” after the Yeezy founder hired both “paid and volunteer” staff to help him secure signatures in Florida and South Carolina to get him on the ballot. More

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  1. It was probably the result of a phone call from the Trump campaign, explaining vote splitting to him.

  2. Damn! Just when I was starting to believe there was a Black Colored Politician I could finally get enthusiastic about after that Osmidgen fiasco. Admittedly, he’s not really a politician, he’s a Kardashian handmaiden. Kanye is a reminder that this country has sunk to a level never imagined just twenty years ago. I blame all of this on that wacko Marianne Williamson. She made it apparent that anyone can run for the highest office in the country as long as they are a Dementiacrat.

  3. Maybe Trump has promised him a position in his administration – possibly: Valet attendant? Doorman? Shoe-shine boy?

  4. I would have parlayed for a paid spot as a Trump surrogate and for the entrance/exit music at the rallies.

  5. I’m sure that when Kanye was told of the invasive investigations that every (Except Liberal) presidential candidate goes through he didn’t want anyone going into his personal business.

  6. He is bipolar, somewhat delusional and has a new line Yeezy Gap he is promoting. Never thought for a minute he was serious and if he was well he might need some medical attention, it isn’t rational to jump into a race that you can’t even get on most ballots.

  7. I recognize the name and thats about it other than he’s married to that fat ass white whore.
    Two scumbags that found one another.

  8. Sometimes Kanye is crazy like a fox. This isn’t one of those times – he’s just being crazy and impulsive. Also, he craves attention. What better way to get that attention than saying he’s running for president.

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