Kanye West Kicks Off 2019 By Reasserting Support of Donald Trump

Breitbart: Hip-hop superstar and fashion mogul Kanye West began the new year by defending his decision to back President Donald Trump.

“Trump all day,” West wrote on Twitter on Tuesday afternoon, followed by a series of dragon emojis. “Just so in 2019 you know where I stand.”

West again defended his decision to wear a Trump Make America Great Again campaign hat publicly.  more here


SNIP: Whew! What a relief. I guess.

8 Comments on Kanye West Kicks Off 2019 By Reasserting Support of Donald Trump


    Once the shock value wears off, he’ll recant, and fall back into the loving arms of the sympathetic media.

  2. He’s bipolar. When he’s up, he loves Trump. When he’s down, he returns to the plantation. Watch for it.

  3. His next album cover needs to be him in his bear school mascot outfit walking off the front porch of a big white plantation home as Samuel L. Jackson’s character from Django Unchained is screaming at him.

    Instead of “Graduation”, it could, be Emancipation.

  4. Other stars should note that he is still making money by the dumptruck full, can still sellout a concert, records are still selling and the attacks on him by the left and the “brothers” have receded to background noise all the while he has kept up his support for Trump. Maybe this may give heart to other performers to voice to their actual opinions on Trump and what he stands for then have to parrot what their business manager tells them to do. West’s impact could be huge in 2019.


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