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Kareem Abdul-Jabbar dribbling nonsense


Kareem Abdul-Jabbar on PBS: Supreme Court Has Moved Race Relations ‘Backwards’

On the December 30 edition of PBS’s Charlie Rose show former NBA great Kareem Abdul-Jabbar decried the state of America’s race relations as he claimed the country was “back sliding” in that area due to recent “Supreme Court decisions” and all the efforts to “suppress minority voters.”

Invited on to promote his new children’s book “Sasquatch in the Paint,” the former Los Angeles Laker center sounded like your typical liberal MSNBC host when asked by Rose for his take on how America was doing on the “racial front.”

The following exchange was aired on the December 30, 2013 edition of PBS’s Charlie Rose:

CHARLIE ROSE: How do you think the country is doing on the racial front?

KAREEM ABDUL-JABBAR: I think we’ve been doing some back sliding. You know what I’ve seen you know some of the Supreme Court decisions and all this effort to suppress-

ROSE: Having voting rights in the South.

JABBAR: -minority voters. I don’t get it. It seems like we’re moving backwards. But I guess we are just gonna have to keep up the fight.



22 Comments on Kareem Abdul-Jabbar dribbling nonsense

  1. South Africa requires voters to show photo ID – and this jabbering dummy still thinks it’s racist?

  2. JaBlunt is reaping his rewards of the toke. Doesn’t he have to take over for Big Bird again?

  3. What’s wrong with Charlie? Is he taking stoopidd pills again?

    Little old ladies lap his show up.

  4. The high altitude up there does appear to have caused brain damage

  5. Hey dickhead! Nobody said minorities aka black zombies, couldn’t vote, we would just like them to abide by the rules and vote only one time per election cycle. Seriously, is that racism? Is it to much to ask?

    Lastly, when did FLOTUS(Sasquatch) play B-ball?

  6. Oh good gravy. I hope he isn’t still wearing those tiny shorts.
    Looked like a Giraffe with an underbite.

  7. No need to read the article, as the headline and trailer say it all.

    Just another black celebrity carrying the democratic water on democrat plantation. Gutless, mindless and spineless.

    It doesn’t even occur to him that he has insulted all minorities as being incapable of obtaining a very basic document that is a part of being a citizen.

    Did you hear that Lew Alcinder? You are insulting your own people!

  8. Kareem Abdul Jabber wrote a book about Michelle Obama in the paint? Are you sure that’s not a typo? A more appropriate title would be “The Sasquatch and the Taint”! But then I don’t plan on reading it either way so…

  9. Another case of confusing an “athlete” with an “intellectual”.
    IMHO, Kareem peaked in his role as Roger Murdoch.

    @Zonga, “What’s wrong with Charlie?”
    He’s just the same old, same old to me (dyed-in-the-wool lib).

  10. At one time, I felt badly about him losing his multi-million dollar jazz record collection.

    Now I think his Mullah made him destroy the music in the name of Islam.

    I bet he kept the insurance money.

  11. Careem; go get your prescription for STFU refilled and then go play with your balls.

  12. Yeah, but what does Lew Alcindor have to say about it?

    Ah forget it. He wasn’t that funny in Airplane anyway.

    Here’s a list of his favorite authors from his web site. Only two are black. What a racist….but then I’m surprised he can read at that level.

  13. So, like, what has The Knockout Game done for race relations? Moved them FORWARD?

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