Karen Bass: “Castro was a DICTATOR?! I had no idea!”

Patriot Retort: Karen Bass is a radical nut-job who has managed to fly below the radar in Congress for a decade – mostly because she is yet another backbencher who has accomplished nothing.  But because the Biden campaign has committed to selecting a “woman of color” for Vice President, Karen Bass is now in the spotlight; and let’s just say it isn’t going at all well for her.

22 Comments on Karen Bass: “Castro was a DICTATOR?! I had no idea!”

  1. Karen Bass, with the IQ of her fish namesake, is further proof that the identity politics criteria of the Democrat party is:
    1) Black/Brown
    2) Vagina

    No other criteria or qualities matter.

  2. Dementia Joe’s handlers are not going down this disastrous dead end. They aren’t suffering from his cognitive decline. It’s going to be Val Demings or Susan Rice. Demings has less baggage than Rice, but Rice and Obiden Bama are closer than any other possible Dementiacrat twosome. My sources down at the local tavern tell me Trump haters don’t care if Poor Joey doesn’t know when his next nap is scheduled, they will vote against Trump no matter what caused those deaths in Benghazi. President Trump needs to lift those non-disclosure agreements that the survivors had to sign in Germany. Get the truth out about Benghazi.

  3. She likes Castro because he maintained a vicious dictatorship by dropping a few socialist platitudes every now and then. And the revolution? Something that was over 70 years ago, still somehow kept going like a vampire, feeding relentlessly on the innocent. Sick evil seems to be so attractive to the left.

  4. Bass is a communist on only Thursday’s and Friday’s,
    today is Tuesday… her usual day to be an Idiot.

  5. She goes through life so confused she couldn’t tell you if she is afoot or on horseback about half the time

  6. Well, if she’s too stupid to know Castro was a dictator (mass murderer, actually), she’s too stupid to be trash collector, let alone vice president. But then, obama was president, wasn’t he.

  7. Karen Bass: “Castro was a DICTATOR?! I had no idea!”
    Wow, talk about showing your complete stupidity to the entire world….I suppose anyone with that amount of ignorance has to be ‘forgiven’ because they are…..Well……just fucking stupid.

  8. Another Karen. Who I’m guessing/betting also thinks Stalin and Mao were expert horticulturist who both advanced crop production of farms in the countries they ruled.

  9. She didn’t know? Sounds like a perfect running mate for Joe. The VP should never overshadow the main candidate.


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