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Kari Lake Still Leading Despite Maricopa County’s Best Efforts


According to election officials in Maricopa County, Arizona, they will provide further updates on their ballot counting efforts on Thursday after 7pm.  The election was Tuesday.   Apparently, in Arizona it takes several days to count election ballots or something, and we are not supposed to think this is odd.

As of the latest update from Arizona in the Republican primary for Governor: Kari Lake has 303,860 votes (46.25%), and Karrin Taylor-Robson has 291,843 votes (44.42%).

[LINK] Kari Lake is leading by 12,017 votes. More

18 Comments on Kari Lake Still Leading Despite Maricopa County’s Best Efforts

  1. So…. nobody wants to go to jail for 25 years or worse. There are, apparently, lengths the thieves aren’t willing to go. No fall guy’s???

  2. A friend is as conservative as I, a recent transplant to Arizona. He is a big Taylor-Robson fan and says that Lake is a turncoat – she did support 0bama in the past. So voting incongruities aside I expect that Taylor-Robson is not a bad choice.

  3. LCD above is correct, Taylor-Robson has the conservative pedigree over Lake. But here’s the rub, this is one of those rare instances where the better conservative might be the lesser candidate.

    This also negates the narrative that only democrats cheat since this race is between 2 GOP’ers. Although if we really wanted to go full-blown spy vs. spy intrigue, the dem vote counters could view the dynamic same as me thinking Taylor-Robson more apt to lose to their guy.

  4. Tony R
    AUGUST 4, 2022 AT 10:25 AM
    “Stupid republicans won’t fix this shit before 2024.”

    They’re on the same side.

  5. Karrin Taylor Robson is a fraud, a purebred RINO Mitch McCommunist plant

    Kari Lake is the real deal, she is going to make a great Governor. Sure she has a history but who doesn’t.

    KTR is no Conservative and she is about as likable as Hillary Clinton.
    The people of AZ don’t want anymore stinkin’ Doug the Douchebags for Governor. 😡

  6. Stolen 100% stolen election if cheater Kari Lake wins it’s because it was stolen. I demand a recount!

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