Kari Lake Vs. Bret Baier – IOTW Report

Kari Lake Vs. Bret Baier

“I am really disappointed in Fox, I thought you were better than CNN.”

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  1. Phenomenal timing. I can’t put my finger on it, but I just don’t trust this woman. Every time I see something like this I have alarms going off. I hope I’m wrong. I probably am.

  2. Baer must have pulled the short straw for this interview. What a clown he is. Kari has that wonderful quality of maintaining absolute composure and instead, as she did with Bretty Pie, turned the tables. She also had several opportunities to talk over him, which she didn’t do. She knew he was going to start sputtering, and he did!

    I used to enjoy watching Baer until about 6 or so years ago when he increasingly showed his stripes.

  3. Brad, could it be that she was a media insider? I could be wrong, but I think she’s the real deal. She’s very consistent with the media. She doesn’t care if they’re a major network anchor or a cub reporter; she treats each with great respect while she takes a club to them. She often reminds me of a female Trump. Both of them are very disarming personalities, and they genuinely love to laugh at the ridiculousness of the media — to their faces.

  4. AbigailAdams

    Honestly, I could be wrong too and hope I am. My alarms really went off when she declared she was going to send armed citizen Militias down to the border. That’s not even realistic. I dunno. Personally I think part of the cause for my concern is I’m hearing from her what I want to hear, not what I need to hear. I hope that makes sense. And If I were an AZ resident I’d probably vote for her. Something just seems a little off. Might be her ultra smooth delivery. Brett Baer’s just another media Libtard that can’t relate to people that don’t live in DC or NY.

  5. Brad,
    Your reservations are most likely due to her being from Media/News/Entertainment. Most of them are hired because they are Good looking ALMOST actors and can dance on command.

    She hammered the shit out of the CNN anchor last week because she no doubt pulled the same shit on others in her past “Got Ya” hit pieces.

    I hope that she is legit but who really knows.

    So many Canuck “conservatives” have proven to be full of Canada Goose Shit that I now Blast a Hockey Whistle into the Phone when they call for $$$.

    FOX40 Super force finger grip whistle – Hurts like a Bastage! $20

  6. @Jethro
    JUNE 27, 2022 AT 10:12 PM
    I wanna move to Arizona, just so I can vote for her!”

    I did, but I’m not an “official” AZ resident yet, so I can’t vote for her, but I would if I could. But I understand that anyone can and will disappoint.

  7. Brad, did she say she was sending armed citizen militias? or did she say Arizona National Guard Troops?

  8. Remember – she quit her gravy job as a major news anchor because she was sick of it, and announced it on her last show. I doubt a grifter would have done that.

  9. I’d rather vote for Kari then that fraud Karren, she is a McConnell pick and she plays the shit out of that ad about Kari Lake donating to Odumbo. 🤬

    President Trump gave to Piglosi and Chuck the Schmuck and he turned out to be a great President. I imagine he regrets that but don’t we all have regrets in this life? 🤔

    I’m going to take a chance on Kari just like with Trump. 🇺🇸🇺🇸

  10. I predict Lake will be a primary driver on opening this national can of worms on the ’20 election fraud. She’s very watchable, presents extremely well and takes no prisoners. I’d like to see her testify before Congress. If she becomes AZ’s guv, she’ll be in a position to wield some power/influence on this. I would not be surprised if POTUS Trump endorsed her in return for a commitment from her to use her well-developed professional talents. I’ve watched many women news anchors but she has a way of breaking the bad news to her opposition that, somehow, leave them completely flat-footed, almost apologetic.


    Heard that shit before. Historically Trumps made his living in a corrupt Libtard run cess pool. That’s JUST BUSINESS. Not comparable.

  12. Brad, IDK, is it all that different? As a main news anchor for an affiliate in a predominantly libtard city, wouldn’t Lake have to cater to her demographic else lose ratings for her employer? It’s a rock and hard spot, I think. And I believe that is what drove her into politics; her disgust with that demographic and what she had to do to earn their eyeballs.

  13. we all make our living “in a corrupt Libtard run cess pool”

    & donating to political campaigns is always “JUST BUSINESS”

    … just sayin’


    I know God Damn well you are smarter than that, How often do you need to get building plans approved thru New York City? Just asking. While you’re making your living?

  15. Brad — I think you’re right, Lake did say she would send armed civilians down to the border. I think I did hear her say that. But I think it was also intentional hyperbole. Her point, I believe, was to shame O’Brandon and his regime for their lack of concern about what illegals are doing to AZ and to the country.

  16. @ Brad JUNE 27, 2022 AT 10:26 PM

    Either McCain or Romney would have been worse than Obama. Not that I would donate to Obama, and did vote for McCain (against my better judgement), but looking back at the choices in 2008 and 2012 neither would have been any better than Obama. Not even a slim chance.

  17. JDHasty

    I totally agree. Boy have we been screwed with. And we would still be just as ignorant save Donald J Trump. He exposed them all. I can’t wait for chapter two. The revenge.

  18. Don’t forget, Kari donated to Obama in ‘08. And who was the Republican candidate in ‘08? That’s right, John McStain. From where? Arizona. Now if anyone knew where Songbirds skeletons were buried, it would be her. Trump isn’t always right, but he has been right more than he has been wrong. I think this time he is right (in endorsing Kari).

  19. I understand why Trump did what he did … much like Lake did what she did … & I won’t cast aspersions on either one of them for what they did … it’s JUST BUSINESS

    us peons all donate to political campaigns because we want the candidates, that we perceive to hold our values, to be elected … we do it for a reason. we don’t just throw money at people because they have good hair … it’s JUST BUSINESS

    … & NEVER assume I’m “smarter than that” … I surprise myself quite often w/ my ignorance

    ” I surprise myself quite often w/ my ignorance”

    Yea, me too. Far to often lately. LOL

  21. @joe6 ~ hell, I’d vote for her just because she didn’t call them Fox New’s favorite term … “migrants”!

  22. AbigailAdams

    I can’t find it. It might have been “Controlled Opposition”. I DUNNO. I reserve my right to remain suspicious. LOL

  23. I guess there’s only one way we gonna find out for sure about Ms Lake. She would be painted as the biggest hypocrite and liar forever if she did renege on her promises.

    I believe she’s the real deal.

  24. The American people have been screwed over by disingenous politicians for decades, so it is understandable that people are causious, if not skeptical, but Kari strikes me as a someone with the determination to carry out campign promises, like a certain someone else who has been lambasted relentlessly for telling the truth…. and as we all know, when yer taking flak, yer over the target.
    I too think she is the real deal.

  25. Put it this way, I’d feel better about voting for someone who relects my values than just siting around watching our country go full retard! It’s just a shame I don’t live in Arizona!

  26. When you work for the media, especially in the news dept., you’re required to donate to the lefties.

  27. Have known for many years Brett is a lefty. Not yet sure if he’s a “Bush Republican” or a “D”; have been leaning to “Bush Republican”.

    Has hated Rony for decades and Don for 7 years.


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