Karneval Along The Rhine Featuring “Satirical” Floats

DUSSELDORF, GERMANY – FEBRUARY 27: A float featuring U.S. President Donald Trump (L-R), Marine Le Pen of Front National, Geert Wilders of Partij voor de Vrijheid and Adolf Hitler drives in the annual Rose Monday parade on February 27, 2017 in Dusseldorf, Germany. Political satire is a traditional cornerstone of the annual parades and the ascension of Trump to the U.S. presidency, the rise of the populist far-right across Europe and the upcoming national elections in Germany provided rich fodder for float designers this year. (Photo by Lukas Schulze/Getty Images)

It’s the start of Karneval along the cities of the Rhine in Germany and this year, the floats featured in the Rose Monday parade were particularly offensive.  The image above is of President Trump, Marie Le Pen, Kurt Wilders and Adolf Hitler with the tag line “Blond Is The New Brown.” This is a relatively tame one.  More




9 Comments on Karneval Along The Rhine Featuring “Satirical” Floats

  1. Fuc the idiots in Germany, This idiot are getting all does criminal Muslim . I hope the fuc in Germany don’t call us when they ass need help from the criminal Muslim.

  2. Did it matter what songs were played as the Titanic sank?
    Like the old poker game saying goes, if you look around you and don’t know who the loser is, it’s you.
    Keep up the sarcasm, Hermanns, you’re doing just great.

  3. Hitler and, by extension, all Germans have been the new Brown for over 80 years! He is all yours and you are all his! Enjoy each other in hell for an eternal years Reich!

  4. Blond is the new Brown
    “German is the new islamic slave”

    Sad to see an entire country self-immolate.


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