Kasich wants to help all the special people

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Governor John Kasich joins MSNBC’s Morning Joe and links minorities with the drug-addicted, mentally ill, and developmentally disabled.
He parrots the anti-American leftist narrative that minorities in America face unique adversity more significant than then majority white and Christian population due to phantoms of racism/bigotry/xenophobia.

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  1. A strong showing by this moron sadly reinforces my mistrust of the judgment of my brethren in the NE. This guy really seems like a slow motion parody to me.

  2. The guy desperately needs a chiropractor.
    It HURTS just to watch his posture.
    Until he opens his mouth.
    Then it hurts to hear him, too.

  3. I like Kasich, met him at a friends house and had a drink with him. That doesn’t mean I am a fan or voting for him in the Ohio primary. He lost me when he allowed Ohio to join Obama’s healthcare disaster. He also made a tactical error trying to get the same union inhibiting law passed that Scott Walker got passed in Wisconsin. Kasich tried to take too big a bite of that apple by including police and firemen in the bill. While he was philosopically correct in his approach. Some is better than none and he lost on that law.

  4. I’m in SC, registered independent, Republicans primary the 20th, Dims the 27th.
    I have been deluged in polling. Have been telling them I was voting for Bush, think today I’m going to change the misdirection to Katshit.
    Hey, politicians lie, it must be OK.

  5. Charlie, one might further refine your question as “…how much more government help do the ‘special people/minorities’ need? Hasn’t the government done enough to them already?

    In any event, Mr. Kasich is just, well, an asshole; please return him to Ohio.

  6. I’ll say one thing about Kasish: He certainly is not at a loss for words. He can talk. He doesn’t make a lot of sense, but he can talk, which is an art that deeply impresses people with room temperature IQs

  7. “Send me your poor, your tired, your crack whores, your meth or skag junkies and worse; I lift my lamp to show them the way to the bus to resettle them in Cleveland or Cincinnati, whichever is closest..” J. Kasich, Prop.

  8. OK you socialists, destroy the rich if you will, tax them to the hilt, but remember, no one ever got a job from a poor man. And the only way to make a profit in a Sanders/ Kasich system is to steal.

  9. Butch, he does have that ‘Flobee’ vibe going on; my barber charges ten bucks for a regular haircut, twelve for a flat top, and fifteen to “fix home haircuts.”

  10. “… links minorities with the drug-addicted, mentally ill, and developmentally disabled.”

    Which is EXACTLY where they (minorities) demand to be.

    What is “Affirmative Action” if not a declaration of retardation?

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