Kate of Small Dead Animals May Be Canada’s Greatest Poet

It’s hard to top this hate mail, but you can try in the comments.

Dear (fill in the blank)

Now go to town.

ht/ WiscoDave

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  1. Well, if telling the truth is poetic then so be it! As Shakspere so eloquently stated: ” A rose by any other name is still a rose”. Therefore, a festering pimple on the butt of a boil is still a member of the Alberta Human Rights Council

  2. Dear Alberta Human Rights Commission:

    Regarding your latest stance on [censored due to potential micro aggression], in my opinion you [censored due to logical thought process]. In particular, your pronouncement on [censored due to reference to inane commission statement] is just [censored due to political incorrect opinion].

    In conclusion, [censored because criticism is warranted].

    Very truly yours;

    [name redacted pending investigation by Alberta Human Rights Commission]

  3. I can think of many in D.C. that I could address that to. I would merely personalize the opening line.

  4. I’ve grown weary of trying to convince my Commie friends of their wayward ways. My energy levels are low. Trump (a guy I’d of never thought was P material) has sparked some energy into my weary soul. I thank God he is part of the debate. Will watch how things go.The Republicans we’ve elected are owned/shy/non-functional drones. I was never a fan of Trump, BUT I lie his approach. The man has some gonads. If we are going to turn the country around we need an outsider. I know the guy has funded the left and the right. At this point, somebody says what it is…. Is needed…

  5. Oh. Yes. Here’s a small contribution:

    Dear Alberta Human Rights Commission:

    You were such ugly babies your mamas used to sit you in your corners and feed you with sling shots.

    Uncle Al

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