Kathryn Limbaugh at CPAC

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  1. CPAC also did a video honoring Rush.
    I watched it on Judge Jeanine last night.
    I had tears.
    I will try and find a link.
    Or perhaps someone from iotw can find it?
    It’s likely about 5 minutes long.

  2. “You don’t know what you got ’til it’s gone” never rang more true to me than the day Rush died. I had been listening for so long and enjoyed him so much, that even though he had announced that he was ill and knew it was terminal, I never prepared myself for his inevitable loss. I remain gutted and easily brought to tears. Rush is gone. God what a loss. Rush truly was an original, a one of a kind genius. Damn, here I go again. Rip my friend.

  3. Kathryn is either incredibly strong or has had a year to prepare herself for Rush’s passing, or both. I know I couldn’t have stood up there to speak about my loved one without breaking down.

    Grayjohn – well stated, maga-dittos to you.

  4. He changed minds and hearts with wit and sarcasm and common sense. He was my companion on thousands of miles and starting in Nov 1988

    He returned home to a great reward, no doubt.

    Anyone remember his re-education weekend? He signed off on a friday saying he was going to spend a weekend getting re educated. I knew it was a joke but on monday i discovered how many people didnt. They called in and called him every name in the book for being a turncoat. It was 30 yrs ago so memory is kinda foggy

  5. THIS woman should be head of the RNC. She is quietly brilliant and super cladsy, and she proved herself skilled in running some of Rush’s enterprises.

  6. Compar her to that greedy idiot jill biden. Or that greedy racist gorilla michelle obama.

    She’s on Melanoa Trump’s level.


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