Katie Couric, Woody Allen, and George Stephanopoulos Attended Party With Epstein After 2008 Conviction

Epoch Times:

Top media figures dined with Jeffrey Epstein after he served 13 months in jail following a plea in which he pleaded guilty to two counts of prostitution in 2008. He had been accused of molesting dozens of girls.

Epstein was arrested on July 6 and charged with sex trafficking; authorities said nude photographs of underage girls were found in his New York mansion after he was arrested.

Katie Couric, George Stephanopoulos, Woody Allen, and Chelsea Handler were among the media and Hollywood figures who dined with Epstein at his house in New York City in 2010, reported the Daily Beast in 2011. The event? A party for Epstein’s friend Prince Andrew, at the time the fourth in line for the throne in Britain.

The pair was pictured a week later walking in Central Park.

A source close to Couric, a former CBS anchor who recently worked for Yahoo!, told The Hollywood Reporter that it was Couric’s first time meeting Epstein. It was also the last time she was with him, the source said.

A source close to Stephanopoulos told The Mercury News that he was never friends with Epstein, claiming he only attended the dinner after it was pushed by a publicist as an opportunity to meet Prince Andrew.

Stephanopoulos, a current anchor for ABC News who worked in the Clinton administration, mentioned the fresh charges against Epstein on July 9 without noting his link to either Epstein or Clinton, reported Newsbusters, a media watchdog. more here

16 Comments on Katie Couric, Woody Allen, and George Stephanopoulos Attended Party With Epstein After 2008 Conviction

  1. Those who play with fire generally get burned.

    Time to kick back and see who starts denying any knowledge of anything haha

  2. Modern form of political and journo INCEST. They are all related to one another in SOME way, husbands, wives…KIDS.

    Getting SICK of it all.

  3. I sure hope this story has legs … ’cause it’s gonna be bigger than the Catholic Priest molestations, & it’s gonna implicate so many of ‘our betters’

    … yeah progtards, there’s gonna be a revolution … just not the one you wished for

    Go PDT! Drain The Swamp!

    btw, Steffie looks taller in that pic

  4. jpm – not too soon at all!
    Mentioned a copy days ago, think this might be Trifecta,,
    a three tap,,
    Great find!

  5. Fucking George. Georgie knows all about diddling and has met genuine fear. He has also met villains who can shield him.

    “Have hope, mother o’ mine! He may yet go the way of thy wastrels.”


  6. If there was ever a more suited foursome to question the morals of a conservative, it would have to be these four immoral degenerate sodomizing Carl Marx loyalists.

  7. You know why Woody Allen was there.
    And they were all passing Geo. Streptococculus around.

    But the reason Katie Couric went, and never went back, was that she was throwing her lil self at everyone and there were no takers.

  8. Little Georgie is a kinky little bugger. He likes his hiney paddled. That’s his idea of sex.
    They’ve worked hard to keep that out of the public eye but alas, it’s hard to keep a secret when you’re a pervert.

  9. They were all looking forward to the headliner Katie’s next rectal exam to be performed by little Georgie on stage.

  10. I have it on good authority that the NYC Ranting Bagel Guy was actually George Streptococcus without his hair toupee’


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