Katie Halper interview: ‘Joe Biden’s accuser finally tells her full story’

Joe Biden’s accuser finally tells her full story – Katie Halper’s interview with Tara Reade.

citizenfreepress.com: Last April, Tara Reade watched as a familiar conversation around her former boss, Joe Biden, and his relationship with personal space unfolded on the national stage. Nevada politician Lucy Flores alleged that Biden had inappropriately sniffed her hair and kissed the back of her head as she waited to go on stage at a rally in 2014. Biden, in a statement in response, said that “not once” in his career did he believe that he had acted inappropriately. But Flores’s allegation sounded accurate to Reade, she said, because Reade had experienced something very much worse as a staffer in Biden’s Senate office years earlier. more here

Video via Citizen Free Press.

9 Comments on Katie Halper interview: ‘Joe Biden’s accuser finally tells her full story’

  1. Biden has served his purpose in the party ridding itself of Crazy Bernie. Time to jettison him. I wonder if they can talk Hillary into stepping in?

  2. Come on, Man! I believed Anita Hill. I believed Christine Blasey Ford. I believed Deborah Ramirez. I believed Julie Swetnik. I even believed Stormy Daniels. But there is NO WAY I’m going to believe this lying, bimbo-faced, ponytailed, amnesia suffering, emotionally fragile Obiden Bama hating woman without any witnesses!

    Paging Governor Edgewise Endlessly Bloviating Ocuomo!

  3. “Look, fat! I never sniffed her. C’mon man. I can do pushups, can you? I like her. She’s beautiful. All women are beautiful and they’re better than men. That’s why I sniff ’em. Fat! Wanna step outside? See my leg hair?”

  4. Biden is scum but this woman worked for leftists and didn’t call the police. I don’t care about her either. Sounds like she had sex with him and her feminist indoctrination has repurposed it into rape years later. Both of these leftists can rot in hell. Bottom line; I don’t care.


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