Kava Kava may be hurting your liver liver

It’s been around for 100s of years they tell us. A ceremonial drink from the Pacific Islands that numbs the mouth and apparently relieves anxiety and insomnia. Called Kava Kava, or just Kava for short, the beverage has come wildly popular and has begun to move into more western markets, starting in Australia, New Zealand and New York.

Unfortunately, drinking lots of the somewhat sedative beverage may not be so good for one’s liver. Here

More on the Kava business from the BBC (you have to download the program, but it has a lot of insight about this rapidly growing lucrative industry and the bad effects on those who overindulge). Here

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  1. I often enjoy Kava low-acid instant coffee. Very tasty for an instant. Everyone I’ve recommended it to has enjoyed it greatly. About five bucks a jar at Walmart but worth it.

  2. As originally prepared in the Fiji Islands by the cannibals that inhabited these islands, the Kava root was thoroughly chewed by tribesmen and spit into a Kava dish. This dish was passed around for consumption by the lucky participants at feasts and barbecues where long pigs were devoured by these meat eating natives. After the Fiji Islands were conquered by the British, the consumption of long pigs became less frequent, but Kava has stayed on as a traditional ceremonial drink. It’s probably more pleasant to drink when you are not likely to be the main course at the banquet.

  3. I I had it once over there at a ceremony, tastes a lot like dishwater but some of the natives do have a problem with it, makes you lazy which they can be anyway. Most of them are very nice people, it’s just that they don’t want to work a full-time job. Normally the employers have to hire 20 to 30% more people than they actually need to get the job done cuz they don’t show up when they get some money in their pocket.
    The Indians are very hardworking people over there and kind of smart/ shrewd.

  4. If you want to hurt your liver just take a lot of tylenol.

    For drinking, stick with beer. No need to get fancy and multiculti.


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