Kavanaugh On Ice

The Bookworm Room has a fascinating analysis about the timing of Christine Ford’s claims against Brett Kavanaugh.

Has this accusation been kept on ice since 2012 when Ford supposedly first unearthed these deep emotional scars to a couples counselor?

What was going on in 2012 that could explain a lot about the weird timing of Ford’s claims?

Mitt Romney was doing moderately well against Obama that year, he also said that Kavanaugh was on his list of prospective SCOTUS picks. Jeffrey Toobin wrote a scathing piece about Kavanaugh for The New Yorker, saying Kavanaugh on the bench would be a disaster for the left.

Was the hit on Kavanaugh planned for 2012, only to be shelved after Obama won?

Why would Ford wait 6 years? He’s still a judge for a very important court. Is her pain only satiated if she prevents him from being a Supreme Court judge? A real victim would not use this as the determining factor to gain closure on an incident that forced her into therapy.

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  1. He’s not dropping out.
    As a matter of fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if Blowsey refuses to show up on Monday because of some fainting spell.

  2. Completely believable. Look at all they’ve done to manufacture a bunch of Russian BS. This is what they do because The Seriousness of The Charge Demands An Investigation.

    Just like Khan The Gold Star Father was an attorney who worked for the firm that did Clinton’s taxes and was associated with her illegal server.

    Such a small world, isn’t it?

  3. Brad, I’m shocked, shocked I tell ya, that you are saying that. If Kavanaugh quits he doesn’t deserve to be there in the first place. But he won’t quit.

  4. Fuk those liberal commie cockbites! Start sending some of these lying bitches to prison for this shit (unless it’s true, which it probably isn’t)and give them at least 5 years hard labor!

  5. @ Brad

    Then get Amy Coney Barrett ready. Feinstein and Harris will flip out and we will have an endless cosplay of handmaids until mid-terms

  6. MJA
    I hope I’m wrong. Latest is 200 woman, that supposedly attended whatthefuck high school at the same time as Kavanaugh, signing a letter supporting Found On Roadside Dead. Stating every one knew this guy was a walking rapist with a permanent boner. It will continue to mushroom. I hope this guys a fighter.

  7. ChristiansPDX

    I can’t helping thinking that was the plan all along. Feinstein has secured her legacy as a very large piece of shit.

  8. How hard is it to find 200 liberal wimmin at an all girl school? And what 17 year old boy is not walking around with a hard on all day? Other than metro-sexuals like camera hogg.

  9. Yeah and there’s a letter signed by a bunch of women, including liberals, who say Kavanaugh is top notch. But all that is not important. What’s important is the fact that Blowey can’t keep her story straight because she can’t even remember anything about the party and what she can remember she can’t keep straight.

  10. Very superstitious, writing on the wall
    Very superstitious, ladders bout’ to fall
    Thirty year old bullshit, broke the lookin’ glass
    Seven years of bad luck, the good things in your past
    When you believe in things that you don’t understand
    Then you suffer
    Superstition ain’t the way…

  11. I suspect there will soon be a couple of more harpies accusing Kavanaugh of “inappropriate behavior” in the next few days as the dims figure out that this single accusation might not stick. They’ll follow the same script as they did with Roy Moore in Alabama because it worked so well for them then. I saw Anderson Cooper state on TV tonight that Roy Moore was an accused child molester which is a lie, but the left has gleefully fostered that false narrative as a weapon and will keep pressing similar narratives against any republican to prevent them from being elected / confirmed for what they consider an important position of any kind.

    President Trump showed how to fight this garbage, but the republicans aren’t known as the “stupid party” for nothing. Conservatives have to start fighting back against this crap with extreme prejudice or the dims will keep on using the same playbook forever.

  12. They’re going to make her talk next Monday. If she shows up. How much do you wanna bet her lawyer won’t let her answer any questions. LOL. Her lawyer said that the feds should investigate the ‘attack’. With NO info provided by Blowsey. Seriously! And remember, the FBI wasn’t interested in any investigation in the first place. They probably knew she’s nuts.

  13. I read on Twitter (can’t find the link) that she was involved in CIA recruiting at her university. Add that to the fact that her brother worked for GPS Fusion’s law firm, and you have a perfect case of Deep State setup. And yes, it was planned for Romney if he won. The GOP needs to confirm Kavanaugh now.

  14. After this is over, only women will be nominated for the supreme court. Because penises are evil, and out of control at the age of 16. Holy shit this is fing crazy.

  15. MJA we need a post about how to talk everyone down off the ledge.She is going to crash and burn if she does not answer questions in an open forum, she is toast. She is lying folks and has been payed.

  16. She had a bathing suit under her clothing.
    Perhaps she got drunk, watched Fast Times At Ridgemont High.
    Passed out, dreamed the whole thing.
    Judge Reinhold pleasures himself to Phobe Cates in a red bikini.
    Judge Reinhold = Mark Judge, in the room with Kavanaugh.

    Fast Lies…

  17. This shit is why I tried to talk sense into friends and family who could vote for Roy Moore. It is why the entire Me Too movement is a ton of bull shit.
    When you start letting sorry scumbag women accuse men with no evidence and allow it to ruin their lives, then next it will be you if your a man. If you’re a wilting flower woman who sides with this bullshit, wait until it’s your husband, son or grandson.

    Each day I find myself being more disgusted with those with the same parts as me. Hell, I’m getting so disgusted I think I’m going to start a new suffrage movement, put women back in the kitchen raising babies or at least get them out of government and out of the voting booth.
    I suppose that makes me sexist or so I’m told, not sure how, but whatever, it cannot be denied the majority of women are leftist idiots and there aren’t enough of us conservative women to even the playing field.

  18. This tootsie is going down, thanks to the Internet…despite having wiped her Socials. Now wipe your ass, girl. Enjoy the go®

  19. Next week’s hearings are going to be a circus. Republicans will be too gutless to ask any hard questions of the lying Ms. Ford, for fear of being accused of being anti-woman. Of course it will be a he-said-she-said scenario, with no resolution possible, but now Susan Collins and Murkowski have the cover they need to vote against Kavanaugh. Stupid Grassley should have told DiFi: too bad, you had your chance to bring this forward before the hearings were closed, so the vote will be held Thursday as scheduled. But noooooo, now the stupid republicans are in a no-win situation.

  20. And how do we know she told her therapist all this back in 2012? Because look here, right at the top of her notes, see it says “2012”! Gawd what a load of crap. No one is safe from this shit, except maybe Merrick Garland.

  21. River life Callie, if her family has Clown ties, I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if she’s an MK Ultra victim, playing out her role like in the Manchurian Candidate.

    Brad, I think this guy is going to cruise to confirmation, as the Democrats make complete asses of themselves.

    My only concern is that we’re actually getting what we are being told about BK; that he’s a constitutional conservative. Given our experience up to now, I’d say President Trump deserves some trust on his SC pick.

    Just imagine, if the election went the other way, this would be Lynch, Holder, or Obama as the nominee. God is good!!!

  22. GWB’s folk are doing the same thing they did to Brk 30 years ago. 6 leftist/Rove/Bush (?)GOP men led the charge to kill Bork! Charge leader was GWB’s good buddy “Snarlin” Arlen!

    this time around it is a new set of liberal GWB guys lek by the progressive from AZ who’s name is right on! The Bush/Rove “Leader of The Pack” Flake!

    These leftist (?) Republicans (?) will kill this nomination, as they did 30 years ago!

    The Obama/Bush UNIPARTYis not new; it no longer is lead by Bush/Carter but it still is THE UNIPARTY!


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