Kavanaugh Turns Down Over $600,000 From Crowd Funding



Citing ethical concerns of accepting money from a crowd funding campaign, representatives of Justice Brett Kavanaugh officially released a statement yesterday declining $611,645 that had been raised on GoFundMe. The crowd funded campaign was established by conservative blogger John Hawkins of “Right Wing News.” More


10 Comments on Kavanaugh Turns Down Over $600,000 From Crowd Funding

  1. Meanwhile the Cackle Grackle Ford, who had nothing to gain by coming forward, is planning her next 1st class flight to French Polynesia using her unsocial media windfall.

  2. He should have challenged Blahsy-Ford to forgo her “payoff” if he would pass on his unrequested go-fund-me account. It would have been a safe bet, and a great optic to boot!

  3. Yahoo sucks. The article does its best to spin something negative, e.g. a credit card hold reserving tickets later paid for another way. Or (like the guy doesn’t have a lot of things to do, new job, Supreme Court Justice yet?) he took two weeks to decline the money!

  4. We were thinking of starting a PAC to investigate casino gambling, alcohol abuse and prostitution. We could use a donation to get the ball rolling for our fact-finding tour.

  5. Use the money to relocate RBG to New Zealand (In July 2016 RBG said that if Trump won, it would be time to move to New Zealand)

  6. The contrast between this article & the Gillum corruption one – contrast of LOL!
    Surely you didn’t position them that way on purpose…..


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