Kayleigh McEnany Named WH Press Secretary

Washington Examiner

President Trump is on his fourth White House press secretary.

Campaign spokeswoman Kayleigh McEnany will fill the role as Stephanie Grisham moves back to the East Wing, according to the New York Times.

McEnany’s hiring is the first major personnel move by chief of staff Mark Meadows, who recently resigned from Congress to take the White House position. It’s unclear whether McEnany will revive the White House daily briefing. In her nine months in the role, Grisham did not hold any news briefings, preferring to let Trump speak for himself.

McEnany, 31, has been a staunch defender of Trump, frequently appearing on television, which the president has seen as a vital duty of his spokesperson. She is a graduate of Harvard Law School and a former spokeswoman for the Republican National Committee. McEnany has also been a CNN commentator. More

10 Comments on Kayleigh McEnany Named WH Press Secretary

  1. If I were Trump, I would hire someone like Lisa Lampanelli as the press secretary. After a few press conferences, most reporters would probably be terrified to ask a question. As an added bonus, press conference ratings would be sky high.

  2. It must be extremely difficult to work for a man who is working 20 hours a day.
    The president may want to have three or four secretaries who split his work day between them and have no press availability for any of them.

  3. Why does Trump have such a hard time finding and keeping reliable staff?

    Seems like the longer they are involved with him the greater their chances of being dismissed (or just quitting).

  4. “Why does Trump have such a hard time finding and keeping reliable staff?”
    Because your media pals, and other liberal losers torture them and their families 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, no matter where they go or what they do.

  5. “Why does Trump have such a hard time finding and keeping reliable staff?” How about any job around the president has to be an extremely high-pressure position. Add to that incredibly long hours and the burnout rate should be unusually high.

  6. This is on the Top Ten Toughest Jobs In Washington list.
    Sarah Sanders was truly awesome in that job.
    – I was surprised she left but understand why

  7. Sarah Sanders was the greatest. Her only mistake was attending ‘press corps dinners’ where hate-fests against her.
    Daily press briefings are b.s. – because the ‘press’ is b.s.
    I trust info here 10 tens more than info from ‘news’ outlets.


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